About 600km from Ho Chi Minh City and 1,200km from Ha Noi, the central province of Phu Yen is recognised by drivers as the third way point on the highway that connects the two largest cities of the country.

Dubbed "the land between two mountain passes", Phu Yen is one of the most geographically isolated provinces of the country, bordering Cu Mong Pass to the north and Ca Pass to the south, both of which skirt the coast, affording breathtaking mountain-and-sea views.

Dawn at Đại Lãnh cape

Welcoming a new day on the Dai Lanh cape makes you surprised by the serene beauty with the first sunlight rays of the new day. Walking on the trail to the lighthouse, you can see the vast blue sea, ships running slowly, rock mountains in odd shapes and hear the sound of ocean waves.

Bãi Môn Beach

Going through the green pine forest, Bai Mon beach appears with a pristine beauty. More interestingly, there is a fresh-water stream to the west of the beach, which is hidden behind leaf canopies of the Bac Deo Ca virgin forest. The stream runs across the beach and flows into the sea.

Coming to Bai Mon, visitors can not only swim but also purchase fresh seafood from fishing boats.

Spectacular Phun Abyss

Phun Abyss is surrounded by the Black Rock Mountains, amid the vast forests, forming a dreamlike landscape. The waters of the Ca stream flows down into the abyss, creating a white waterfall. Here, visitors will enjoy romantic and charming scenery of forests, mountains and a waterfall.

Romantic Vung Ro

Vung Ro is surrounded by Ca Pass, Da Bia Mountain and Hon Ba Islet. It used to serve as an important port on the Ho Chi Minh trail at sea. Vung Ro has 12 small beaches, with unique characteristics.

Visitors can also rent boats of fishermen to explore the sea or conquer the Da Bia Mountain which always sinks in white frost. You will be far from urban noise to mingle with quiet sky and sea, with simple fishermen to relieve stress and chaos of life.

Ghenh Da Dia (Da Dia rock cliff)

This place is considered as one of the most beautiful stepping-stone rock beaches in the country.

A camping ground is on top of the cliff. Campers can sleep in the middle of nowhere, under the star-studded sky listening to the ocean. Naturally formed stone steps lead you down to the base of the cliff where a stone reef like a giant honey comb runs out to the sea. The cliff is like myriad rocks leaning on one another in a strange symmetry as if someone took pains to arrange them.

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