Binh Dinh is a province situated in South Central Coast region in Vietnam. Like other beautiful provinces in this region, Binh Dinh is well-known for its natural beauty with beaches, isles, capes, etc.

Quy Nhon City

Quy Nhon, the city of Binh Dinh always attracts tourists by the combined beauty among imposing mountainous sceneries and glamorous beaches. It is surrounded by green mountains on three sides and ocean on the forth. Therefore, you can swim in any beach by walking down the street. And you can visit Thap Doi Tower – a pair of towers situated in the city is Cham architecture. Like Nha Trang, this coastal city has a lot of modern resorts, hotels, restaurants facing to the sea.

Ghenh Rang Rapid

Located just 3km from Quy Nhon city, Ghenh Rang is a unique destination in Binh Dinh. It is featured with series of cliffs, stones with multiple sizes and shapes lying from Xuan Van Mountain to the sea. It is like a wonderful architecture complex made by nature.

From Ghenh Rang peak, you can see the east view of Quy Nhon city as well as beauty of the ocean. Walking through the stones, you will see a very stunning beach called Tien Sa with white sand, blue water and gentle waves.

Quy Hoa

Quy Hoa is located around Ghenh Rang Peak, 3km from Quy Nhon City. It is famous for Queen Beach which is named after the last queen of Vietnam – Phuong Nam Queen – who said this place is her favorite one. The beach is like a peaceful picture with sand, blue water and sunshine.

Quy Hoa has not only beach, but also has a very special hospital – Quy Hoa Leper Hospital. It is a hospital built in 1929 for lepers. It is not like a hospital, it is more like a resort, where the patients find a peaceful place to live together and heal their disease. Now there is a small village near the hospital for patient’s families or those get treated but want to stay. In front of the hospital is numerous busts of distinguished and historically important doctors, both Vietnamese and foreign. It is also the resting place of a famous Vietnamese poet – Han Mac Tu. His tomb is near the park’s entrance.

Thi Nai Lagoon

With the length of 10km, the width of 4km, Thi Nai is the largest lagoon in Binh Dinh. It is famous for many kinds of seafood. On the lagoon is a small mountain. There is a temple on this mountain called Thay Boi, built by fisherman to worship the wale, who they believe is their protector when they go out the sea. The best times to visit Thi Nai are dawn and sunset.

On Thi Nai Lagoon, Thi Nai Bridge was built to connect Quy Nhon City with Phuong Mai Pennisula. It is the longest sea bridge in Vietnam with a length of 2477.3 metres, and width of 14.5 metres.

Nhon Ly – Cat Tien beach

It is one of the most beautiful natural beaches in Vietnam with a lot of ideal stretched sand beaches such as Cat Tien, Nhon Hoi, Hai Giang. The beaches here still remain untouched condition with white sand, blue water and imposing rock mountains stand behind the sea.

Hon Kho island

Located about 16km from Quy Nhon City, Hon Kho stands imposingly as a guard of Nhon Hai fishing village. A mini seaside resort with white sand, clear and blue water makes Hon Kho Island ideal for swimming. You could also climb up mountain, crossing cliffs with various shapes to the northeastern part of the island to explore the vast ocean. Especially, because of the shallow water near the island, you will have chance to discover the underworld with colorful coral reefs without diving or snorkeling.

Cu Lao Xanh

Cu Lao Xanh is an amazing isle located 20km from Quy Nhon City. Cu Lao Xanh means Green Island. It is considered as a charming pearl on the sea, featured with an amazing green of sea water.

Especially, the residents on Cu Lao Xanh are scattered, mainly elders and kids, so you will have chance to experience the life of a deserted island. You can join fishing with local people to catch seafood and set up a BBQ party on the beach.

Mui Vi Rong Cape

Mui Vi Rong or Mui Rong is one of top best capes in Vietnam. It is a rock rapid heading to the ocean with a cave pass through the sea, which looks like dragon’s mouth. You can visit here and enjoy the imposing beauty of nature. Stand on the cape, watching multi-shaped stones and cliffs and a very wonderful view of ocean is an unforgettable memory. Hundred imposing cliffs are the most featured thing about Mui Rong.

Ham Ho

Ham Ho is a 3km part of Phu Phong River. Two sides of Ham Ho are big rocks and masses of stone with many sizes and shapes. Sitting on a boat along Ham Ho, you can explore a lot of amazing landscapes such as green old-growth forests, impressive mountainous sceneries, and wonderful rock masses on the riversides as well as under the pure water.


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