Get around Con Dao
On Foot Con Son Village is small, flat and easily traversed on foot. Because of the intense sun and very little shade on the streets walking is best left for the morning or evening.
Motorbikes can be easily rented and there is relatively little traffic. There has been an enormous increase in the number of motorbikes for rent, better deals are often found outside of hotels, as the hotels mark up the same bikes you can hire locally.There are now petrol stations on the island and they have limited hours 7-10:30 a.m. and 2:00 to 4:00 p.m. Be sure to get a bike with a full tank of gas as there is none available for sale on the streets as in the rest of Vietnam. They are fun to ride but a drag to push around.
Minibus The hotels share a minibus system that goes between the town and the airport. You can use this to go to the beach by the airport.
Xe Om Motorbike taxis are easily found in Con Son Village. As in all of Vietnam most of these guys are hard working and honest, but there are a few scoundrels.
Taxis are becoming more plentiful on Con Dao. They are generally more expensive than the vans and buses, and presently there are no English speaking drivers. Write down your destination before you choose to use their service. Charges are by destination, or by meter. You can also rent a car for half or full day trips.
Bicycles are a great way to get around the town, as it is small and flat. However, in every direction outside of town the roads become extremely mountainous. It's not impossible, but unless you're an experienced biker you'll probably tire yourself out getting anywhere interesting.
Helmets It is illegal to ride a motorized vehicle without a helmet or a driver's license. However, rental agencies don't seem to check for licenses.
An Hai Beach is the more scenic but less remote of the two town beaches. It's located south (to the right) of the town boat dock. Long stretches of white sand with gentle surf. Several hotels directly border the northern end of the beach; however, the beach stretches continuously for a quite a distance to the south, so if you are looking for privacy you will be able to find some.
Lo Voi Beach is the other town beach, located to the north. No hotels border it directly, so any hotel claiming to be located at this beach is simply located at the northern part of town.
Dat Doc Beach is where Six Senses Con Dao is located, far northwest of the main town. Access via the resort may be restricted, but there is an obvious public access path to the left of the Six Senses main entrance (towards the airport). The beach is quite pretty, with white sand and surrounding mountains. (In fact, it's the Six Senses resort itself that somewhat spoils the scenery.) Unlike the other beaches, it's also kept relatively trash-free. If you have the money, you can also pop into the Six Senses resort for a drink/snack and to use their sun loungers and/or restrooms.
Ong Dung Beach is to the north of town. To get here, you need to pay an entrance fee (including a snorkeling fee, if you plan to snorkel there) at the National Park Office; follow the road north past the park checkpoint; walk/climb 700 meters of stairs; and show your entrance fee receipt to the ranger station. Be careful about leaving your things unattended, as they may be stolen by the monkeys.
Dam Trau Beach is to the west of the airport. The access path is to the south of the main airport entrance.
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