Why Travel With Us

Personal attention:

Whether traveling independently or with a group we take care of you. Unexpected circumstances occur: eyeglasses break, medicines need replenishment, an illness needs attention... We are there, where you are, to help right away. Our clients are our first priority, and you'll always be taken care of while traveling with us. (Please refer section "Review" on our website.)

Our attention to every detail of your trip includes keeping a watchful eye on travel and weather conditions and political situations. We are in constant communication with our colleagues abroad and are prepared to intervene with assistance, itinerary or travel/transit visa changes as required. We will advise you on purchasing travel insurance policies including those that cover emergency medical evacuation.
Tailored to Suit You:

May be a culinary expedition or cooking lesson instead? Ancient art your thing? We can add more museum and archaeological sites to your itinerary and introduce you to specialists and curators in the field. Vietnam Charm Travel is your partner in creating a trip exactly as you picture it. You never have to buy a pre-packaged trip itinerary. We can include options as specific as horseback riding, musical events, or carpet shopping. We design travel for special interests whether it be sightseeing and cultural discovery, business meetings, industrial conferences, photography treks, wildlife adventures...whatever you can think up, we can plan for.
Independent Travel:

Some seasoned travelers prefer to travel independently, but value safety, the best transportation connections, uncomplicated border crossings, expert tour guides as needed, and easy access to all activities, sites and accommodations planned. We will provide as much or as little accompaniment as you wish.
Group Travel:

Traveling with others who have similar interests can enrich your entire experience and lead to new friendships. Our travel groups have no more than 12 members for easiest access to everything from ancient sites to intimate restaurants. Gather family members, friends, or colleagues or simply enjoy the company of like-minded travelers.

Rates for Vietnam Charm Travel are competitive yet include many benefits far beyond planning, transportation, tour guides, meals, accommodations, and entrance fees. Our tours often include visits or meals at the home of local residents who are local friends and even relations of ours. We are flexible and enjoy sharing serendipitious opportunities such as hands-on craft demonstrations, bread making, or an unexpected children's folk performance. The value of traveling with Vietnam Charm Travel is in our personal care for you.
Passion, Innovation And Experience:

Innovation has seen us remain at the forefront of developments in tourism in Vietnam in particular and Indochina in general. This ensures that our tours remain fun and exciting. Averaging 2 million kilometres and over 500 tours a year – our experience is unrivalled. In this business that’s critical.
Quality, Service Excellence & Value For Money:

Our objective of doing Vietnam & Indochina better and for less applies even more strongly today. No one invests more into their guides, trucks, equipment or infrastructure. Being a large operator means we reap cost saving benefits that enable us to offer services at a price that few can match.
Reliability, Efficiency And Safety

If you’ve got questions about a trip – even if it’s the one that you’re currently on – We are available 24 hours a day for anything from enquiries to emergencies and are always happy to assist. We never sleep. NEVER. Our vehicles are amongst the best ever built for this purpose. They are designed and manufactured with safety in mind and we run a state-of-the-art workshop according to the highest standards. We have instituted a rigorous maintenance schedule to ensure that the quality of our tours remains constant and that the safety of our passengers is ensured.
• Expert consultants available 24 hours a day
• Purpose-built vehicles designed in our own state-of-the-art workshop
• Customised equipment ideal for adventure tour conditions
• Rigorous maintenance schedule to ensure quality and safety
• Vehicles & Equipment.
100% Guaranteed Departures:

That’s right. We’re guarantee every single one of our departures. Look inside for full details.

With the largest variety of destinations, departure dates and an unparalleled choice of trip styles and service levels designed to meet all tastes, ages and budgets, we’re certain there’s a Vietnam Charm Travel trip for you.

From cyclo, bike, motorbike and private car to public bus, train and flight, we’re all about variety. Sometimes local transport is the best and most colourful way to go. But, depending on your choice of destination, service level and trip style, we provide alternative ways of getting around, too.

From unique homestays and hotels to sleeping moored under the stars in a tranquil bay, our options will provide you with the most authentic experience possible and will always reflect the local character and spirit of your adventure.
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