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If beautiful and grandiose landscapes, fresh cool weather, friendliness and simple-heartedness of the locals are things attracting travelers come to Da Lat, its cuisine is the thing that keeps people reminding about this land of mist and desiring to be here one more time. Let travel with us and point out 10 food must eat in Da Lat city.

1. Grilled rice paper with egg ( Bánh tráng kẹp )

This is one of the most popular street foods in Da Lat that enthralls both residents and tourists. Many Western tourists call it “Vietnamese pizza” because of its shape and color. This dish requires very simple ingredients and it’s also easy to cook. Its taste is extremely amazing. First of all they put around rice paper on a charcoal stove and apply oil with chopped green onion on rice paper’s surface. Next, they add egg, minced pork and dried tiny shrimps on top and keep grilling until it has a stunning yellow look with a fantastic smell. If you can stand hot, you can ask them to add some chili sauce on top. Enjoy a piping hot “Vietnamese pizza” in the cold air at night will be an unforgettable experience of your trip to Da Lat.

2. Small round rice pancake ( Bánh căn )

The origin of Can cake is not from Da Lat but this food has been a favorite dish of the locals for years. Can cake is made of pure rice with the filling of spring onion. What makes it special is that the cake is cooked in small earthenware pots without oil. When the cake is well-cooked, it is inflate and crispy. This dish is served with fish sauce, meatballs and crackers on top. Sometimes, it is served with a special dipping sauce made from small fish.

3. Avocado ice cream ( Kem bơ )

It sounds a bit strange as avocado ice cream is one of the most beloved desserts in this cold climate land. The taste of avocado ice cream explains why everyone here can’t stand against this cream even on the coolest days. A perfect combination between scoops of fresh sweet white ice cream and soft greasy grinded avocado can even enchant people who have picky taste. You just have to mix ice cream and grinded avocado well together then enjoy it. They also elevate its taste by adding some dried coconut on top.

4. Strawberry ice cream ( Kem dâu tây )

Another type of ice cream that numerous travelers recall when talking about Da Lat is strawberry ice cream. As you know, thanks to the cold climate of highland, Da Lat is the only city in Viet Nam can grow strawberries that are succulent with a fresh sweet taste. Therefore, strawberry ice cream is one of the must-try foods for tourists when traveling to Da Lat. Strawberries are mixed with milk, egg and other ingredients to create an awesome flavor that can impress you at first try.

5. Xap Xap

Name of this dish sounds strange for many people. in fact, it is quite like “Nom Bo Kho”, a sweet and sour salad with dried beef sold in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city. The main ingredients of Xap Xap are grated green papaya, simmer pork liver, peanuts, mint leaves, sweet and sour fish sauce and chili sauce on top. Many Western people think this food is a type of appetizer; however, people in Da Lat usually eat it in the afternoon of late night as a nosh.

6. Thin rice flour pancake with stir-fried chicken viscera ( Bánh ướt lòng gà )

This dish is an amazing combination between thin rice flour pancakes of the central region of Vietnam and stir-fried chicken viscera. The clever seasoning of stir-fried chicken viscera mingle with the softness of special pancake create an outstanding taste that you have never experienced before.

7. Bread with meatballs soup ( Bánh mì xíu mại )

The meatball soup eaten along with breads is so delicious and popular that every trip to Da Lat will not be completed without that dish. Though you may see Banh Mi xiu mai in some places around Vietnam, bread with meatballs soup in Da Lat has its own heavenly taste. Meatballs are made of grinded pork mixed with cat ear mushroom, minced onion, garlic and some kinds of spices. After processing meatballs they boil them in broth with grinded tomato. That is the reason why you can feel greasy yet fresh taste meatballs soup without being closed. A portion of this dish includes a bowl of meatballs soup and a hot crispy bread.

8. Thick noodles soup ( Bánh canh )

Thick noodle soup is a popular food in Da Lat and other citites in Viet Nam. Thick noodle soup here is a perfect combination of thick rice vermicelli that’s totally handmade. The pork based broth is a real star of this dish. The broth is made from simmered pig’s bones and minced pork. Also, thick noodle soup is eaten with quail egg, sliced pork meat and minced green onion. All creates an unfortable flavor to every diners.

9. Soy bean milk (Sữa đậu nành )

Soybean milk is the most favorite drink of locals as well as tourists traveling to Da Lat. Soybean milk is so popular that you can find this kind of drink at most of the corners of Da Lat. Enjoy a hot glass of soybean milk in cold weather when the night falling is an indispensable experience for every travelers here. You will definitely never forget sweet and fresh flavor of soybean milk together with slightly fragrance of pineapple in each glass.

10. Coffee

Da Lat is famous for its coffee street feature. Da Lat coffee is simple just like the locals here. It is not as strong as Hanoi coffee and not as sweet and light as Sai Gon coffee. Da Lat coffee has its own flavor with subtle fragrance and moderate bitter that can enchant people at first try. Almost people here drink coffee in the morning at small shop along streets and around Xuan Huong lake.

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