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Eating is nescessary action for people, especially any tourists brang thier baggage to explore new interesting land, they certainly hope to try the most delicious specialties there. therefore, I will introduce to you some foods which you truly have to enjoy if you vissit to Highlands land – Dak Lak province.

Coffee – the most famous specialties in Dak Lak

Coffee is one of the most characteristic culture of Dak Lak. Therefore, it has become a precious specialty of this land. The black, thick, warm cup of coffee in a characterized Highland mountain space were associated with one’s mind when mentioning to Dak Lak. Until now, there are thousands of large and small cafes shop which sprang up to serve the favorite coffee need for everone.

Many hobbies related to coffee has became Dak Lak’s cultural indentity, especially the most characteristic culture is to have a invitation for friends to try a cup of coffee. Moreover, coffee was a legendary to make a strange attraction for people of the Central Highlands in general and in particular the people of DaK Lak.Hence, if you travel in Dak Lak, not be surprised when local people driectly invite you a cup of coffee, as a result it will be the most interesting experience in the coffee land.

Grilled chicken in Ban Don – a rustic dish

Among all specialties in Dak Lak, can’t mention to Grilled chicken in Ban Don where is home of cute elephants. This is a rustic dish of ethnic minority people with a unique taste and it has became specialties in Don village for a long time.

Coming here, you will be tried a delicious grilled chicken which are certainly genuine backyard chickens from Ban Don’s people meticulously selected and raised chickens and then cook them with strange way. If you travel to big cities in Vietnam as Ha Noi, Ho Chi Minh city, Da Nang, Hai Phong,... you may be not enjoy wonderful chicken like Dak Lak.

How to process: select chicken with one or over kilogram, after done chicken will be compressed and salted chilli, lemongrass and litter water wild honey. The chicken is usually clamped by bamboo stick then grilling over charcoal fire. You have to return it every few minutes until it is cooked and change yellow, greasy fat.

Note: grilled chicken in Ban Don must dip with chilli salt or lemon salt. Although salts necessarily pound grain of salt with green forest chili which is only growned in Dak Lak.

Lang fish ( Hemibagrus ) in Serepok river

Lang fish can be processed into many dishes, but the most impressive is still Lang fish hotpot with unique flavor and characterized highlands. Most of tourists who had enjoyed this dish never forget its wonderful taste.

To serve tourists a delicious hotpot, the selection and processing them is very picky, professive skill and virtousity of processer. The fish for hotpot must be absolutely fresh, not frozen fish. When boiling let’s dip fish and vegetables to eat. Sweet of dropp and fleshy meat fish mixes with the sour taste off the spices ass indispensable remedy. You remember to order broccoli and bitter herbs your hotpot will more delicious.

Grilled Bamboo shoots stir-fried tripe

This is a specialty dish in Ea Sol, Ea Hleo district, Dak Lak province. The frist impression with some tourists may not like the smell of tripe so this dish is pretty hart to swallow, but you enjoy in the second time, I believe that you will promise forever its taste.

If you are lucky to come here in rainy season which is developing bamboo shoots season, you will be enjoyed this dish with the most delicious and characteristic taste. 

Local people usually eat for breakfast and afternoon, It tastes slightly bitter of tripe, then you will feel gently sweet taste of bamboo shoots mixing spicy peppers. Stir-fried grilled Bamboo shoots is very fragrant taste,not like boiled bamboo shoots.

Com Lam (bamboo rice) in Ban Don

Com Lam can appear in many provinces in Vietnam but most of northern province as Son La, Hoa Binh, Ha Giang, Lao Cai... Traveling to Highlands provinces we also meet Com Lam with special taste of the mountains. It is made from the right age bamboo and delicious sticky rice which are grown on swiddens.

There are many ways to cook as streamed in water, baked or arrage them around fire. After about an hour you can enjoy the hot and aromaticbamboo rice tube. This experience will be more wonderful if you eat Com Lam with grilled chicken dipping in chili salt. Taste of rice and grilled chicken that blend into each other to make us have a feeling satisfied.

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