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The below we would love to give you a list of Top 10 delicious specialties of Dak Nong province

1. Duc Lap Coffee

Duc Lap is the old name of Dak Mil district, the locality that has very suitable soil for coffee. To date, Dak Mil has the largest area of coffee in the whole province. Due to the favorable natural condition plus people's experience on caring, harvesting and initial processing … coffee beans in Dak Mil usually come out in high quality.
During the last time, besides supplying material source for export, a number of units had invested in making ground coffee, giving it the brand of Duc Lap coffee, which had created its own mark in the market. 

2. Dak N'rung Black peppers

In Dak Nong, black peppers are grown mainly in Dak N'rung commune, Dak Song district, which is about 45 km away from Gia Nghia town. The locality produces high quality black peppers and is considered black peppers granary of the province. Black peppers are almost indispensible spice for daily meal, which have the effect of stimulating digestion, preventing constipation, nauseous feeling and rheumatoid arthritis, kiling bacteriums, preventing a number of cancer and cardiovascular disease. Black peppers are used to treat cold because it can force perspiration, beat up cold air from outside and warm up the stomach, force up temperature from the inside. The white peppers are use exclusively for treating diarrhoea, choler, and use at an antiseptic substance. 

3. Tuy Duc's sweet potatoes

In recent years, people have known about Tuy Duc sweet potato. Its origin date back to the first years of establishment of the province when people in Dak Buk So ( used to belong to Dak R'lap district but now belong to Tuy Duc district) brought the Benzen sweet potatoes originated from Japan to grow in Dak Nong.
Due to suitable soil and climate, Tuy Duc sweet potatoes have come out with high productivity, with the unique and specific taste, being sweet-smelling and delicious with sweet and nutty flavor, high content of starch and nutrition. They have been popular with customers, so many enterprises had purchased them to produce such products as cake, jam, candy … and export to America, Japan, China, Singapore, Malaysia market.

4. Dak Mil avocado

Dak Nong is renowned for having the type of wax avocado considered as the brand of Tay Nguyen. Its fruits often have long shape like pear or papaya; its peel is thin and smooth. When the fruit ripens, its color can be green, yellow, purlish-red or dark red depending on the varieties,  the seed is small, smooth and shiny from the outside. Avocado is one of the fruit that doesn't contain cholesterol but has a high fat content which is beneficial for human body. The harvest time of  this avocado extends from April to September, and it was grown mainly in Dak Mil district.

5. Dak Glong guava

Dak Glong is the locality that has many farm garden growing fruits like orange, tangerine, avocado, red-gut ragonfruit, melon, banana… In recent years, people in Dak Glong have implemented the growing of the guava variety using high technology.
This type of guava is known as " very clean". The growing of this guava is divided into many parts, which were carried out following a tight order and technique, particularly ensuring a best distance from types of pesticide, and growing leaves substance… when the fruits grow to the size of a big toe, they are wrapped around with spongy paper or  nylon bags to prevent the contact with the sunshine, and the threat from pesticide, herbicide, and insects.  Being suitable with soil and climate of Dak Glong, the guava thrives perfectly, its fruit is shiny, brittle, sweet and the fruits come out all year round.

6. Dak Gan mango

In Dak Gan, mango is grown mainly in the following villages:  Tan Lap, Tan Loi, Trung Hoa and Bac Son. Those are areas where the land is verry stunted, not suitable for other crops because it is steep and soil is mixed with sand,  or sandy yellow clay with  a lot of gravels.
Mango planted in Dak Gan grows and thrives well, hardly touched by pestilent insects, expenditure on caring is not much and taking a lot of hard work. In business, the mango tree gives high productivity and higher quality than the mangos of other localities.

7. Dak Mil durian

Durians in Dak Nong have good smell, sweet and nutty taste which make anyone once tried them could never forget. The best durians are grown in Dak Mil.  Durians of Dak Mil are known to many people and considered "King of fruit". Dak Mil Durians come out in high productivity, with the charming and specific taste from basalt area.

8. Ruou can

In any festival, occasion of the year, people in the Central Highlands of Vietnam in general and Dak Nong in particular all gather around the Jar of ruou can (a wine drunk out of a jar through pipes), wallowing in the tune of gongs and dancing in the flickering firelight. Wine is considered a product that the deities advised people to make to use as offerings, on the command of  Yang (the Creator as believed by people of some minority groups in Vietnam).
People in Central Highlands drink wine together through pipes out of the same jar without caring about  hygiene problems. The way to make  this particular wine is very simple. People merely mix the yeast with cooked rice and keep it in the jar for 5 to 6 days. However, some people would like to burry the wine for years before drinking it. In different areas, there are many versions of Ruou can and the difference comes from the material for making Ruou can, for example: millet, sorghum, cassava, maize…

9. Bitter eggplant

In Vietnam bitter eggplants used to grow in the wild. Later, they were grown and converted into a less bitter variety. Their fruits are slender and long with vertical stripes of green and white like water-melon. They have attractive bitter taste like wild bitter melon. People in villages normally use them to make soup, cook with dried fish or small-size shrimp. All those dishes are characterized by bitter and hot taste which make everyone once tried it want to have some more.

10. Sour wild bamboo sprout

Among the dainty morsels of the forest, sour bamboo sprout is one of the favorite items of minority group people. After being crushed together with chilly,  fresh bamboo sprout is fermented inside a glazed terra-cotta jar for about 2 weeks until the bamboo sprout get sour enough to eat. The bamboo sprout becomes crisp, both the water and the sprouts have tase of sour, hot, bitter, and sweet. Sour bamboo sprout cooked with catfish or chicken would make you want to eat some more even when you are totally full.
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