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1. Unique sweet rice of Dien Bien

Upland rice are grown in many provinces of Tay Bac, but the most delicious rice people often think of is the upland rice of Dien Bien. The upland rice of Dien Bien is plump, after cooked is with high gloss, sweetness, aromatic and flexible.
Anyone ever try the delicious upland rice which are cooked by ethnic fellow, feel very special taste other than the types of sticky rice had been enjoying before. The way steaming of upland rice is very elaborately. Upland rice must be soaked for hours continuously so that after steaming it will not be hard. Upland rice must be steamed by a special wood steamer of minorities, the rice is steam-cooked, soft, viscid but not sticky. The rice is steamed over two times so that it is viscid and aromatic. The first steaming, after the rice is aromatic and medium cooked, pour it out to a basket and use chopsticks to spread out for a while, then put it into a steamer and continue steam until done. The color of the rice depends on the material to create color as leaves, fruits, roots to form the blue, red, purple, yellow, green...

2. Tua Chua black chicken

This is the endemic of black chicken of Hmong people, Hmong called Ka Du. Over the thousands of years of nomadic life, Ka Du has been preserved for generations by Hmong people. They consider Ka Du as a valuable asset and always present in the list of inherited property, donated & dowry.
Ka Du has black eye, black skin, black meat, black viscera and the bone is also black. Ka Du chicken meat is very firm, delicious. In particular, meat has a glutamic and iron content twice as high as normal chickens and low in cholesterol. Ethnic minorities often cook Ka Dum porridge for children, pregnant and lactating women, and use Ka Du to soak or cook for the elderly, the sick, shaking hands and feet. .

3. Ban sprout pinkles

Now the Ban flowering season has given way to the early buds open. It is also a chance for visitors to visit the historical land of Dien Bien Phu to enjoy the only dish in the North West - Ban sprout pinkles.
Ban sprout pinkles is a traditional dish of Thai people in the North west of Vietnam, especially in Dien Bien. These are buds with only a pair of leaves, Thai people picked from the trees on the high hill, brought back, washed and soaked into the salt water like pickles. Ban sprout sinkles eat with braised fish is the best combined, it is very delicious. 

4. Tua Chua Tuyet tea (snow tea)

In 4 upland communes of Tua Chua district, Dien Bien province is preserving a valuable natural resource which is nearly 10.000 trees of ancient Tuyet tea.
Far from centre of Tua Chua district 50km is Sin Chai commune, where has nearly 2,300 ancient "Tuyet" tea trees, which are concentrated in the villages of Cang Ty, Sin Chai, Hau Chua, Mang Chien, Sang To ... The name of "Snow tea" is created, perhalf because of the unique climate here. In the winter, on the high mountains, snow covered everywhere. The tea trees which seem not to live up in the cold winter but sprouted in spring, bring warm to the villagers.
Besides Sin Chai, Ta Sin Thang, Ta Phin and Sung Phinh communes also own over 6,000 hundred-year-old ancient tea trees. The quality of Tua chua snow tea is as good as the tea in other famous areas such as Ta Sua in Son La province, Suoi Giang in Yen Bai. Tua Chua tea live naturally on the rocky mountains and accumulating mountain fog so the smell of tea is very aromatic. Tea water is lominous yellow, light bitter and sweet are combined

5. Dien Bien sticky rice (which grow from the upland)

Upland rice is grown in the northwestern provinces, butthe most delicious one in Dien Bien province. Dien Bien sticky rice looks stretched and sweet, glutinous, fragrant when cook. The way to cook upland sticky rice is more elaborate than normal sticky rice. It must be soaked in several hours before steamed in a special wooden cooker of Thai people, the steam will make the rice is soft, flexible but not sticky. It should cook 2 times for the best result. The first time until you can smell the aroma from the rice, take out and then speard on a clean plan for a while. Pour  rice in the cooker again and continue cooking until the rice is well done.
Thai people often serve upland sticky rice with grilled fish, grilled pork ... The fish is marinated with a special seasonal of Thai ethnic with chili, lemongrass, ginger then grilled by charcoal until it becomes yellow to meet the taste of people in the Northwest of Vietnam.
Tourists travel to Dien Bien often buy hot upland sticky rice of Thai ethnicity to eat on the way of travel to avoid hungry. In the cold of the northwestern mountains, you will difficul to forget the fragrant, attractive flavor of upland sticky rice. It is extremely interesting when balled the upland sticky rice in your hand but not sticky.

6. Cham Cheo

Cheo is spice of the Northwest that goes into legend. It is indispensable in the Black Thai's meal which made from a fruit call "Mac Khen". Mac Khen is a fruit which blossom into bunch of tiny fruit like grape containts rich oil, smelling fragrance. The mountaineers just go up the slope, find the branches of Mac Khen, then bring back to dry until the fruit falls from the branches.

7. Cabbage rolls green Nhot fruit

Maybe some people those who live in delta are som impressed by the cabbage rolls green Nhot fruit served with Cham Cheo in Dien Bien. So they suggested that someone have a chance to visit Dien Bien should try the cabbage rolls green Nhot fruit for one.
The cabbage rolls green Nhot fruit dish made Dien Bien cuisine is unique. For the most delicious dishes, you should choose the quality green Nhot fruit. Some people like to eat the young fruit, some people like to eat the fruit which is not young and not old as well.
Nhot fruit must be greenish, slightly soft, not watery and sour, and also thirsty again! 
The second important ingredient is cabbage. Cabbage must be not old and not too young as well. To eat cabbage roll green Nhot fruit you have to add some garlic leaves, coriander leaves, sliced ginger and green Nhot fruit to cabbage, roll and enjoy. 
One more most important is dipping sauce - Cham Cheo is a mix of dry garlic, ginger, chili, cilantro, Mac Khen, lemongrass ... all are puree with a little of fish sauce or salt. 
Once bite the first one you will feel the salty, spicy, hot of Cham Cheo, sweet from cabbage, and sour from green Nhot fruit will be in a fusion. 

8. Steamed pork wrapped by banana leave

Seasoned steamed minced pork wrapped by banana leaves is also interesting. Pork - a kind of ingredients is very popular also it is the main food in the daily life of the Vietnamese. However, by the skillful of the Thai woman, steamed minced meat is wrapped by banana leave gives a new feeling that cannot find in other destination. This dish is also steamed over 1 hour so meat is soft mixed with the fragrance of banana leaves, the flavor of the pepper that make it becomes special.

9. Duck braised with banana flower

Duck is well seasoned with spices such as chili, ginger, lemongrass, chicken powder, Mac Khen and then braise in about 3 hours with very light fire. This dish is not goodlooking but the taste is very unique. Just feel special once smell of pungent, but when put into the mouth sweet, spicy, pungent spread that everyone must be satisfy. 
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