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Located in the lower Mekong River, Tien Giang Province is a fertile and fertile land, which is very favorable for the development of agriculture. From the characteristics of favorable natural conditions, Tien Giang people have formed a unique culinary culture quite attractive visitors in everywhere in Vietnam.

1. My Tho noodle soup ( Hủ tiếu Mỹ Tho )

The softness of the noodles, the sweetness of the broth, the softness and sweetness of the meat mixed with the sour taste of the sauce, not only bring the appetite of food for guests but also remain unforgetable delicious taste for guests when they tasted them. My Tho noodle soup is probably the number one speciality in Tien Giang.
In processing, the noodles are blanched through boiling water. Vegetables such as chives, lettuce, and onions are placed on top, depending on the needs of the foodstuff, which the bartender can add bone, heart or seafood to, Sprinkle a little extra onion and pepper on top, you will enjoy a delicious My Tho noodles soup as local people.

2. Lo Ren Breast milk

Lo Ren breast milk - Tien Giang speciality has been confirmed in the market. Lo Ren breast milk: round fruit, slim shell, small seeds, thick bowel, although the price is slightly higher, the buyer still accept and love them. Lo Ren breast milk you should make them to be soften and then enjoy them.
This fruit is not too sweet but soft and have attractive perfume. If you want to try other ways of eating, you can peel, put the milk in the milk, milk or sugar, or even cocoa to give special vitamins to dissolve hot quickly tired.

3. My Tho old raw noodles ( Bún gỏi già Mỹ Tho )

This noodle is similar to noodle sauce because of having the same ingredient is the raw fish sauce. The noodles must be cooked together with tamarind for sweet and sour soups, typical with shrimp, peeled shrimp or peeled tiger shrimp is the best.
Sweet and Sour Minced Vinaigrette is often served with spinach, banana and chives, in addition to the purest fish sauce, to create a delicious, delicious taste without any tasting. more.

4. Tan Phong snails ( Ốc gạo Tân Phong )

Raw snail boiled with lemongrass and a little ginger to keep your stomach warm and make smell goes away. The snails just boiled you will see that every child has yellow gold, fat, sweet meat, crispy crunchy. In the intestine of the snail often have many small children like rice seeds, especially the snail breeding season as fat, sweet, when crunching brittle crispy.
The intestine of snails can be cooked with porridge, add more onions, pepper and ginger fibers to keep your stomach warmly. Or processed into garlic grease, coconut milk, roasted avocado.

5. Banh va (banh gia) cake

Going to Giong market can not be overlooked cake made from the familiar materials such as rice flour, pig liver, bean sprouts. Multiply the cake including raw bean spouts, pig liver, shrimp are added to the patch before adding more powder to fill the material.
Next, dip into the oil pan is boiling for the sticky paste and slowly withdraw and wait for the golden cake. The fat will be reduced by the coolness and simplicity of vegetables and vermicelli, combine with garlic sauce to make the cake delicious and not easy to eat.

6. Banh beo cake in Hang Bong market

The Banh beo in Hang Bong market is a famous dish in My Tho. The street vendors with a few small chairs, only sell in the evening, but always crowded guests in and out.
There are two types of cake for you to choose are salt and sweet. The salty duckweed often has green bean paste, shredded pork chops, fried bread cut with diced nuts, and non-spiked onion. Sweet cakes are greasy with fresh coconut milk. The cakes are often served with chilli sauce and some melon to invite guests.

7. Banana mixed coconut ( Chuối quết dừa )

The main ingredients for making this dish are green banana and coconut. The processing is simple, not sophisticated, but need good skills and experience.
To make the dish more attractive, we can sprinkle a little roasted peanuts. Finally, add a little vegetable of all kinds to cover the rice paper, accompanied by less coconut milk is a banana and sweet and sour sauce. Banana scrambled coconut just smells like banana, sweet sugar, coconut scraped together with sweet sweet of vegetables, herbs will bring strange feelings.

8. Grilled chicken in Gao market ( Chả nướng chợ Gạo )

Grilled chicken in Gao market is made from boiled lean pork meat, sliced slim to cook with purple onion and garlic. Then, mixed with duck eggs, pepper seeds, delicious fish sauce and other spices.
It is called grilled pork but all of this mixture is put into a pan of banana leaves and then cooked on top of the stove until it is dry and sticky. It's done to cut into pieces, just eat with rice paper, herbs, lettuce sauce and sweet and sour sauce is the simplest and best way to eat. 

9. Sam in Go Cong beach

Do not deny sam in Go Cong Dong if you have the opportunity to play in Tien Giang from October to February lunar month. Sam is having the best grilled eggs. Sam is cleaned, so put on the charcoal stove, roasted until the shells change color, the scent emits asphyxiation is also ready for the party.
Scrambled egg, nutritious, golden, hot, usually eaten with grapefruit, pickled cucumbers, herbs, roasted peanuts, onions, lemon juice with garlic and chilli. Or sam also cooked with sour mint, mint or dragon fruit, braised vegetables ... are very delicious and strange taste with visitors.

10. Tien Giang shrimp sauce

Go Cong shrimp sauce is a speciality of Go Cong (Tien Giang province), which was a royal dish to the king in the first half of the 19th century. This shrimp sauce has been around for a long time. . One thing is sure that prawn sauce has become the dish of the court of the Nguyen Dynasty due to "advancing" to serve Tu Du. If taken over time, she was sent to Hue to Hien nest (1842)
Today people like to eat shrimp sauce with vermicelli and boiled meat. The vermicelli must be small yarn, pork must be armpit meat, soft skin, thin fat, boiled to medium, thin slices to eat but not too thin like the knife eat sweet, banana, pickles, pickles Mice and vegetables of all kinds, remember to smell the smell of new thorns.
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