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Talk about Vinh Long, immediatly you will think about green gardens with full of fruits floating on the clear water and poetic. Perhaps there are not many people who can know that cuisine in Vinh Long is also very attractive with special dishes as below

1. Lac snails steamed with ginger leaves

This is a folk dish and famous, snails steamed with young ginger leaves, it is very easy to do and easy to find materials in pond or field. When you have snails, you will soak them into water for about a few hours or soak them in clean water for 24 hours to remove the residue. Then you wash the snails and put them into a pot boiled with lemon grass, grapefruit, guava for fragrant

2. Lang fish cooked with mixed vegetable

The land of Vinh Long has a popular dish and particularly is easy to cook with name of Lang fish cooked with mixed vegetable. You can eat together with cucumber, raw vegetables, lotus, watermelon is very wonderful. Often, the Lang fish is the most suitable when it is hotel and are eaten with rice or noodle.
To make Lang fish cooked with mixed vegetable, first you choose to buy fresh fishes, which is sold in the western markets, washed, cut into three sections (head, belly, tail) separately and then scent with salt and pepper about 20 minutes to let fish infuse spices are ok. Celery and green onion are also washed and cut pieces. Tomatoes are sliced ​​smally.
Next, you put the pot on the stove for heat, pour oil or grease into it and move the tubers. Depending on how many poeple you will pour cold water into pot suitable. If you pour too much will make the soup not good, unless it is not enough to enjoy.  When water boils, you will put fish scented and spices into pot. You will wait water reboiled, you will add tomatoes, celery into pot because they are very quick and easy to rip. To enough spice, you should squeeze the lemon to the sour taste of lemon, combined with the sweetness of fish and other spices will bring you a delicious food, bold country flavors.

3. Xoan Orange in Vinh Long

In the area of Tra On in Vinh Long, there is a very famous fruit which was called Xoan Orange, a type in family of honey orange and especially they are very easy to plant. Nowadays, Xoan orange are grown in some province of Cuu Long Delta and especially they are plant a lot in Tra On district in Vinh Long and Long My district in Hau Giang province.

4. Fired fish in Tra on

Fired fish is a special dish of the small area located on the Hau River, Tich Thien Commune (Tra On district in Vinh Long). This area is place where clear water and brackish water match each other. This fish has a lot of bones, but the meat is delicious.

5. Fried catfish ear

The people of Vinh Long is no stranger to the fried catfish ear. Look at each fish that has been picked up from golden oil pan with rice paper, fresh rice vermicelli, raw vegetables and sweet and sour sauce, so you just want to enjoy immediately, not thinking at all.
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