1. Contract for Agent-Organized Tours

 Responsibility rests with the company operating Agent-Organized Tours (hereinafter referred to as the Company ) whose name in full appears below and in its tour pamphlets. Clients joining such tours shall conclude an Agent-Organized Tour Contract (hereinafter referred to as the Travel Contract) with the Company .

The Company shall provide tour arrangements and itinerary management so that the client receives tour services including transport/accommodations (hereinafter referred to as "tour services") provided by transportation/accommodation operators during the tour itinerary set by the Company.

The content and conditions of the contract shall conform to those specified for each tour itinerary, conditions as specified hereunder, the final itinerary handed to clients before departure (hereinafter referred to as the "Final Tour Itinerary"), and Agent-Organized Tours as described in the Company's general booking conditions as based on the Travel Agency Law (hereinafter referred to as "Booking Conditions of Agent Organized Tours").

2.Application of Agent-Organized Tour Contracts and their Conclusion

The client shall provide information on the Company application form as required by the Company and submit the form together with the necessary reservation deposit. Paid deposit shall be applied to the tour fare, cancellation charges or penalties.

The Company may accept applications for travel contracts by telephone, mail, facsimile and other means of communication. In such cases, the client shall submit the application form and reservation deposit to the Company within 3 days counting from the day when acceptance of application is confirmed. If the client fails to supply the required application form and deposit within 3 days, the reservation shall be voided.

The Travel Contract shall become valid upon the Company's consent to the conclusion of the contract and receipt of the reservation deposit. If tour arrangements are made by phone, the Tour Contract shall become valid upon the Company's acceptance of the tour deposit as specified in the below Clause . When clients request tour arrangements by mail, facsimile or other communication methods, the tour contract shall become valid upon payment of the Tour Deposit and the Company's notification of acceptance of the tour contract. The contract for any tour request by any communication including telephone, mail, facsimile or other shall become valid as specified.

When applying for group tour arrangements (more than 2 people), the tour contract including conclusion and cancellation of the contract shall be exchanged between the Company and the group representative.

The group representative responsible for the contract shall provide the Company with the name list of members by the date specified by The Company .

The Company shall not be responsible for any responsibilities or obligations the group representative holds in the past or in the future.

In case the group representative does not accompany the group, we shall consider one of the members who have been selected by the representative as the group representative who is responsible for the contract after tour starting day.

If the tour contract cannot be finalized due to full occupancy in seats or rooms or other reasons at booking, the Company may ask the client to wait until the specified date with his/her consent.

In this case, the client shall be registered as "waiting client" and the Company shall make an effort to make it bookable. Even in this case, the Company shall charge the client the reservation deposit ( "Waiting" does not guarantee confirmation of booking). However, if the client requests the Company to release the waiting, or if the booking is not confirmed until the specified day, the Company shall return a full of the reservation deposit.

Even in case of the tour contract shall be finalized at the day when the Company informs the guest of the confirmation.

Deposit (per person) The reservation deposit shall be 10 percent of the tour fare.

The client shall notify the Company when submitting application if requiring special consideration during the tour period, the Company shall comply with such requests when feasible.

3. Special Conditions of Tour Application

A client under 20 years of age traveling alone during the tour period shall provide the Company with the written consent of his/her guardian. Clients under 15 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

The Company may refuse an application if any one of the client's age, qualifications, skills or other conditions do not conform to those designated for tours aimed at specific customer categories or purposes.

Clients who require special attention from the Company during the tour for reason of chronic disease, general ill-health, pregnancy or physical handicap, shall advise the Company of this when applying for the tour. The Company shall comply with such requests to the extent deemed feasible and reasonable. And if the Company takes a special arrangement in compliance with the client's request, the client shall be responsible for incurred expenses related with the request. The Company may require clients to present a medical certificate. The Company may refuse a client's application if conditions at travel destinations and facilities are such that safe, smooth tour operation cannot be guaranteed, or require the client to be accompanied by an escort. In some cases, the Company shall change a part of the itinerary or recommend the client to join another tour with the minimum extra charge or refuse his/her participating the tour. 

The Company may refuse client participation if it determines that he or she threatens to embarrass, inconvenience or interfere with the collective activities of tour participants.

The Company may also refuse client participation for the tour operational reasons.

4. Contract Document and Final Tour Itinerary

After the client has entered into a Tour Contract with the Company as stipulated, the brochures and the tour conditions listed herein shall be included in the Travel Contract.

Unless specified in the Travel Contract, The Company shall submit a written tour contract stating tour itinerary, details of the services, other tour conditions and the Company responsibility to the clients, no later that one day prior to tour departure date. Irrespective of the above, when application for the Agent-Organized Tour is made on or after 7 days prior to the eve of tour departure, the Final Tour Itinerary shall be presented to the client by the departure date.

The scope of travel services for which the Company is liable in arranging and administering the itinerary shall be specified in the Travel Contract as stated hereinabove and in the Final Tour Itinerary as stipulated hereinabove.

5.Payment for your holiday

The balance of all monies due, including any surcharges applicable at that time, must be paid to the Company or their agent not later than 60 days before departure. The Company will not accept responsibility for any monies sent by post. The Company reserves the right to pass on any charges relating to returned cheques and credit card charge backs. Payment can be made by debit cards and all major credit cards. The Company reserves the right to charge 5% of the total of all monies due in relation to payments made by credit card. In accordance with mail order regulations, all documents will be posted to the billing address of the credit/debit cardholder and not the address of the passenger (unless they are one and the same). The Company will not be responsible for documents mislaid or lost in the postal system. Documents can be sent by registered post or courier but will be subject to an additional fee. In the case of non-payment of the balance by the due date, the Company will treat the booking as cancelled by the Client and reserves the right to charge the Client a cancellation charge in accordance with the scale set out in paragraph 5 (below). Monies paid to an agent acting on behalf of the Company, for tours operated by the Company, are held by the agent on behalf of the Company.

6. Tour Fare

Clients 12 years of age or more shall be charged adult fare and those aged 6 to 11 shall be charged child fare unless otherwise specified. However, when a tour includes air travel, persons aged 3 to 5 will be charged child fare. One child five years of age or less can join the tour in the company of an adult, but will receive no services such as meals or bed. If more than one child, one child fare will be charged for each additional child five years of age or less. This does not apply to tours for which infant fares are quoted.

The fare is indicated for each tour course. Clients are asked to confirm the fare according to the departure date and the number of participants.

The Tour Fare shall be the basis for calculating the cancellation charge (Article 13-1), non-fulfillment fee (Article 15 and any fees for changes (Article 22). The "Tour Fare" on the advertisements or pamphlets will be calculated as follows : tour fare "(+)" additional "(-)" reduction.

7. Included in the Tour Fare

The following may eventually include items unrelated to the tours you choose. Please note that the items included in the tour fare are only those as specified in the itinerary. In principle, the Company will not make refunds for the below fare even if clients choose not to use the relevant services.

Hotel Rooms :  Rooms with private bath on a twin room basis (two-in-a-room) at the hotels specified in each itinerary. A client traveling alone is requested to book a single room for tours including accommodations. For single room occupancy by choice or circumstances, extra charges will be required as shown in the respective column in each itinerary. Triple room may be provided as a twin room with one extra bed added. Japanese or Japanese-Western style rooms with private bath at ryokan(Japanese inns). Japanese style rooms with communal bath at Shukubo at Koyasan.

Meals : Only the meals specified in each itinerary

Railways : Some tours are operated by First class (Green Car), and the other categories are operated by tourist class.

Sightseeing & Excursions : By sedan, van, taxi, motorcoach and/or sightseeing boat on a seat-sharing basis, plus admission fees to temples, shrines, museums, etc mentioned in each itinerary. A minibus, sedan or taxi may be used when the total number of participants is limited. Seat-sharing sightseeing tours for Japanese tourists are used for some tours.

Transfers : By motorcoach on a seat-sharing basis. A sedan, van or taxi may be used when the total number of participants is small.

Baggage : The transfer and handing of one piece of normal sized baggage (up to 50cm x 60cm x 120cm) per person, including redcap fees, where specified in the itinerary. However, at certain times and places this service is not included owing to limited baggage capacity on trains and/or ships and the unavailability of porters at stations, hotels and/or airports.

Guide Services : English-speaking guide Service is listed under the "Guide Service" column for each tour.

Gratuities : Gratuities to hotel workers, porters and chauffeurs.

Tax : Consumption Tax.

Airlines : Economy-class seats for domestic flights.

8. Not Included in the Tour Fare

Charges and expenses other than those specified, such as:

Laundry, telephone, additional meals and drinks, and any other expenses of personal nature.

Airport departure taxes.

Excess baggage.

Medical expenses for injuries and illness.

Travel and accommodation costs between arrival/departure and the start and end points of the itinerary.

9. Additional Fares

The additional fares are required for following arrangements

Additional charges for "Upgrade Plans" to upgraded hotels or class of room.

Additional charges for changing from a "Plan Without Meals" to a "Plan With Meals"

Additional charges for "Hotel Extension Plan" to extend the staying period

Surcharges to upgrade airline classes

Other additional charges as specified in pamphlets and other material.

10. Changes by the Company

The Company’s aim is to operate all tours as advertised but by entering into the Contract the Client accepts that it may prove necessary or advisable to vary or modify a tour itinerary or its contents due to prevailing local conditions or any other reason. The Company reserves the right at any time to cancel or change any of the facilities, services or prices described in our brochure or website (including transportation costs, fuel costs, dues, taxes, fees such as landing taxes or embarkation/disembarkation fees at ports/airports and exchange rates) and to substitute alternative arrangements of comparable monetary value or charge a supplement locally if alternative arrangements cannot be made, without compensation to the Client and accepts no liability to the Client whatsoever for costs or loss of enjoyment as a result of these changes. Where a major change is made prior to departure the Client will have the choice of either: (i) accepting another tour of equivalent or superior standard; or (ii) a choice of specified travel arrangements of a lower standard to those previously booked together with a refund of the difference in price; or (iii) cancelling the tour and obtaining a full refund. ‘The definition of “major change” is a change that is reasonably required but will depend on the individual tour and circumstances.’

Examples of minor changes include alteration of the Client’s outward/return flights by less than 12 hours, changes to aircraft/transportation type, re-routing of journeys and a change of accommodation to another commensurate to the standard as advertised within the brochure, for the specific tour as confirmed by the client.

Provided that the major change, prior to departure is because of “Force Majeure” or “Low Bookings” (see below) compensation will be limited to GBP 40, AUD 150, NZD 200, USD 80, CAD 80, EURO 40, ZAR 480 per person travelling. “Force Majeure” includes war, threat of war, riot, civil strife, terrorist activity, natural or nuclear disaster, fire or adverse weather conditions, technical or maintenance problems with transport, closures or congestion at airports or ports, or other similar events beyond the control of the Company. “Low Bookings” is where the minimum number of passengers to run a tour and make it viable, as set out in the Company’s documentation, is not achieved. Please note that the prices detailed in the Company's brochures or online may be subject to change, for reasons beyond the control of the Company.