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Situated in the Gulf of Thailand, Phu Quoc is a very mountainous and densely forested Vietnamese Island. Shaped like a “tear”, it is approx. 48 km (30 miles) in length south to north at its longest point and 19 km (12 miles) at its widest point. Whether you are here to relax on sun-kissed beaches, explore remote corners of the island, or gorge on the mounds of fresh seafood, you will discover the charms that make Phu Quoc a true southeast Asia gem. The islanders are incredibly friendly and welcoming, the weather’s fantastic (wet season downpours aside), the views are stunning and the local food is talked about all over the world. This supernatural Island is surrounded by a number of smaller islands and it has some of the most beautiful beaches in Vietnam as well as the freshest seafood, and world class fish sauce and pepper. Here is a list of the Top 10 Things To Do In Phu Quoc

1. White sand experience of Sao Beach

Touted as one of the best and lesser-known beaches in Vietnam, this amazing place still boasts a fairly basic existence and is an essential trip when visiting this Island. Enjoy fresh seafood right on the sand, swim or just laze the day away.

2. A day out Diving or Snorkelling the reefs

Though the best time of the year is generally from November to April, anytime when the sun out and the sea is calm is a great time to hit the water to enjoy its natural tranquility along with some great diving & snorkeling.

3. Look to the west for a beautiful sunset

Take a position on a beautiful stretch of beach anywhere along the west coast, sit back with a cold drink and get ready for the only west facing sunset in Vietnam… its on a daily basis.

4. Cool down in Mountain Waterfalls

Though the best time of the year for visiting these places is generally from May to October, at the end of the rain season where it is at its peak, but anytime with reasonable weather is a good time to enjoy a picnic and a stroll through the forest.

5. Forest walk in the national park

Being more than 50% national park it only makes sense to take a visit to the beautiful nature the Island has to offer. There are many forest paths around but we recommend to walk around in the north, about 5 km (3 miles) west from Ganh Dau, here an easy walk will be enough to enjoy the beautiful virgin forest. Make sure you keep your eye out for the many birds and animals of the forest.

6. The hustle and bustle of the town market

Located in the center of the town, right beside the Duong Dong river, is the town market. This is a great place to experience the daily life of the locals and see many interesting fruits, vegetables, meats and of course some of the freshest seafood to be found in Asia – best time to visit and a hype of activity is in the morning from 6am to 10am.

7. Visit the famous Cao Dai Temple

Believe it or not the foundation of Cao Dai religion was right here in Phu Quoc, it was here that reputedly the third eye of God was seen in a vision. This beautiful temple was only built in 2008 using money donated by the local community; it is well worth a visit to enjoy the spectacular architecture, paintings and tranquility. Be sure to go upstairs for a fantastic view of the town below and on the way out feel free to make a donation to help maintain this beautiful place.

8. Experience a Pepper Farm

The Pepper from Phu Quoc is reputedly one of the worlds finest and a visit to any one of the farms on the Island is well worth it to see how it is grown and processed or even if only to stock up on some tasty very inexpensive black or white pepper to take home.

9. Sunrise at Su Muong Pagoda

Though Sunrise is the best time, anytime really is a good time to visit this old Mountain Pagoda. After you have explored the mains parts of the Pagoda, head for the oldest part of the property to the back right hand side of the existing Pagoda following the path up towards the mountain, once inside go up to the first level for some spectacular views of the valley below.

10. Adventurous Ride Around the North East

This one is for experienced riders only, but for those who do take this trip it is well worth the efforts and particularly easier in the dry season. Follow the main road from Bai Thom to Ham Ninh heading south down the east coast where the scenery boasts amazing sea views to the left and stunning mountain scenery to the right. This is a great day trip but pay attention after heavy rain, it can be very steep and slippery.

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