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Located along the central coastal, Phu Yen with the famous sights such as Da Dia reef, Vung Ro Bay, the lighthouse cape... is attracting tourists.

1. The Dai Lanh Cape

Dai Lanh Cape is the easternmost point of the country, where welcoming the first dawn on the mainland. Another name is lighthouse cape, Dai Lanh cape is a branch of the Truong Son mountain range to the sea. From the high, Dai Lanh cape is as a mountain getting out of the sea. If in Phu Yen, visitors do not miss the chance to catch the first rays of a new day.

2. Lighthouse

Built in 1890, the Dai Lanh lighthouse tower is a gray cylinder block, 26.5 m high above the ground and 110m over the sea level and can send signals 27 nautical miles away. Inside the tower it is a wooden spiral staircase with 110 steps. This is a beautiful place to catch sunrise at Dai Lanh. It is not only the beautiful scenery but it also has the delicious food from eels that visitors can hardly ignore.

3. Bai Mon and bai Xep Beaches

These are the two famous beaches in Phu Yen. If Mon beach is called Miss Sea of Phu Yen, then Xep beach is a fairy still asleep. These are the ideal places for visitors to enjoy relaxation, recreation, camping, swimming, scuba diving, and enjoying the sea food specialties ... Apart from the above two beaches, Phu Yen also has many other beautiful beaches for guests to choose such as Tuy Hoa beach, Long Thuy beach, Bai Bang – Bai goc, Bai Nom , Bai Om, Tu Nham, Bai Tram beaches …

4. Da Dia reef

Located on the territory of Tuy An district, 40km from Tuy Hoa city, Da Dia reef about 50 meters wide and over 200 meters long is one of the beautiful landscapes of Phu Yen. From the high, the Reef looks like a giant beehive with hexagonal and pentagonal rocks placed together. Recognized as National level natural landscape in 1998, the reef is an attraction attracting many domestic and foreign tourists.

5. Xuan Dai Bay

Located on the territory of Tuy An district and Song Cau Town, Xuan Dai Bay is one of places where the first Vietnamese Imirgrants coming to Phu Yen land over 400 years ago. With charming scenery, many beautiful islands and beaches, Xuan Dai Bay is suitable to build the appropriate types of resort tourism, marine ecology or water sports. This place is full of promise to become a popular destination in the central coastal region.

 6. Mang Lang old Church

Erected in 1892, Mang Lang old church is an attraction in Phu Yen. Mang Lang is the name of the purple flowering trees many in this area. In the past, the church has been a place where bishops Alexandre de Rhodes (father Dac Lo) stopped for preaching. This place is preserved the ancient book of '' eight days preaching'' printed in century 17 in Rome.

7. Tam Giang Dam

Staying across the Cai river, Tam Giang Dam is an important irrigation work which helps to irrigate the rice fields in communes of An Thach and An Ninh… of Tuy An district. Visiting Tam Giang Dam and enjoy Song Cai river Eels speciality is the most exciting thing that visitors should not miss.

8. Vung Ro Bay

Vung Ro Bay is ocated at the foot of Ca pass, adjacent to Van Phong Bay (Khanh Hoa), is one of the most beautiful bays of the central coastal region. This is a place where the No number ships of the Ho Chi Minh seaway legendary docked. Today, with the investment projects of tourist of domestic and foreign investors, Vung Ro Bay is full of promises to become a tourist resort attracting tourists from around the world.

9. O Loan Lagoon

Located at the foot of Cau Pass, Highway 1A, O Loan lagoon is like a wings stretching phoenix. This is a beautiful place for tourists watching the sun at dawn. Excursion on O Loan lagoon, tourists will enjoy oysters, a specialty famous all over the country.

10. Nhan Tower

Staying on a Nhan mountain, Nhan tower is the first Cham tower which is lighted in Vietnam. Nhan Tower is 22m high, built in the 12th century. Coming to the Tower in the evening of each saturday of the week, visitors can enjoy the Cham dances, Choi folksongs or songs praising the people and the scenery of Phu Yen.

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