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Son La is an ideal destination where you not only admire in peaceful air of natural mountains, seeing the grandiose mountains but also explore the beauty culture of 12 ethnic minorities and enjoy the most typical dishes of the villages hidden in deep forest. And i realize a wonderful place like this – Son La Province.

1. Visiting to Moc Chau Plateau – the most attractive destination in Son La province

Moc Chau plateau is the most attractive destination in Son La with milk-cow breading, tea fruits planting and cool weather is the most precious thing that natural have granted here. The most typical activity of tourists in Moc Chau plateau is sightseeing. 
There are too many attractive destinations in Moc Chau to explore such as green tea hills that you not only viewing the landscape’s romantic tea hills but only joining in the harvest of tea with local people; Ngu Dong – Ban On – where has 5 big and small caves stretching contexture; ethnic people villages. You should here at least once to explore a perfect Moc Chau.

2. Muong La district – where has many interesting things for you explore

From Moc Chau plateau, we continue going straight to Muong La district where Son La Hydroelectric power station located. 

* Visiting to the gigantic hydroelectric dam of Son La

It takes you the same time around 15 minutes from Ong town by car or motorbike because the winding road leads to the Son La Hydropower is difficult to move.
Coming here, you will witness a majestic mountain scene with rolling mountains stretching endlessly, you will see a huge architectural works between northwestern mountains. You will be surprise when visiting pump sets action. Not to interrupt the operation of the hydropower, tourists just visit only pump sets according to engineer's guide.

* Seeing sunset from Son La hydropower

If you visit here in the afternoon, you don’t forget to linger your footstep in some minutes until 4 – 5p.m to enjoy sunset here. Red sun landscape slowly sinks into the rolling mountains which will keep in your head an unforgettable impression.
It is also the meeting point of the couple, where kept the beautiful moments of love in Son La mountains.

* Visiting Suoi Hen restaurant - won the World Architecture Festival in Singapore

The restaurant is designed mingled with the beauty of mountains, the main materials are from local as: stone and stream sawn. Suoi Hen restaurant (it's also known as Peach Garden) is a large space of the restaurant that you never get in Hanoi.
All tourists will extremely surprise with the harmony of architecture and nature here. It is simple to order a hot cup of Vietnamese tea, then sipping them with a very nice view of the mountains northwest or watch exotic architecture inside this restaurant.
The specialties of the mountains northwest are also ready to welcome you. But if you want to enjoy the traditional taste of the mountain’s typical dishes here, you should come to some villages where about 5 – 6km from center city. Firstly, you will be eating the dishes prepared by local people according to processed in their traditional style. Secondly, make sure that the cost will be cheaper this luxury restaurant.

* Son La prison - where anticolonial revolutionaries were incarcerated

Located in Thanh Nien Street, a prison has experienced many ups and downs of life and many fierce wars. It is not intact as original natural but it is also enough for you to imagine the cruel captivity of colonialism.
Impression of tourists to outer sceneries might be nothing special, but most of visitors crossing the entrance and enter the prison will definitely be surprised with inside space because they cannot understand how French colonial can lock prisoners in the terrible place like this.

* Enjoying specialties of the mountains and take a bath in hot water streams in Mong village

Hot Mineral Springs in Son La
About 6km from Son La center city to go there. Nature has endowed the mineral springs with temperature from 36°C to 38C for Mong village, Hua La commune. With the physical-chemical properties and composition of natural minerals are good for the treatment of certain skin diseases, rheumatism, nervous, heart.
There are many restaurants for you choose along the winding road leading to the village. All households have a business hot mineral spring services and specialties of the mountains. 
Most of specialties here such as baked chicken hills, grilled spring fish, boiled vegetables, fried bamboo shoots, buffalo meat kitchen upstairs, frying rice,.... are cooked by Thai people according to traditional processing to create a taste that you never find other places.
While waiting your dishes, let wallow and have a relax feeling in hot mineral springs. About 45 minutes to an hour you soak in this hot water will may help you dissolve the trouble things of life. And when stepping out of the shower, you will be truly refreshed, willing to enjoy all the dishes special and attractive foods.

* Sipping a hot cup of tea and seeing Son La’s landscape at night in Xanh Lake

One more interesting thing is that sipping a cup of hot coffee by the side of Xanh Lake – located in the middle of city center. A cool space with crystal-clear waters combined with the sparking light around lake, which make a poetic beauty of Son La city.
After exploring overview about Son La in many days, it is excellent to sit down and sip a pure cup between a peaceful atmosphere of the mountains. Son La city is beautiful and more beautiful at night. Not be noisy, crowded and too swayed like Hanoi, Son La has a romantic and peaceful beauty. 
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