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Upon arrival in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, apart from planed programs in advance, e.g. trips to the country’s most remarkable destinations (Hoi An Ancient Town, Ha Long Bay, Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park, etc.), you are highly advised to experience at My Tho – a provincial city of Tien Giang, the Mekong Delta, in the proximity of Ho Chi Minh City as there are lots of things astonishing you here. Even though this is just a less famed land with rural features, compared to other areas of Vietnam, it will never let you down. Now, let’s see what probably gives you unforgettable moments during the journey! Best things to do in Tien Giang, Vietnam.

1. Visit Vinh Trang pagoda

Among the largest pagodas in Tien Giang Province, Vinh Trang Pagoda is fringed by beautiful green trees, making it like a miraculous pearl amidst nature. Erected in 1849 exactly in My Phong Village, My Tho City, the pagoda is indeed outstanding since it carries the shape of the “Nation” word of the Chinese characters. There are four large departments which are the key components of this religious structure: the front department, the worship department, the main department, and the back department. It is easy to realize that it is an exquisite hybrid of European and Asian architectural styles, so its beauty is supposed to be unique, impressive, pure, and solemn. Upon taking a look at the outside of the pagoda, you will see some giant Buddhist statues making you gasp in astonishment due to their splendor. Additionally, the other statues, patterns and decorations inside it as well as meanings revolving them deserve to be known. Therefore, when it comes to things to do in My Tho, a visit to Vinh Trang Pagoda is indispensable.

2. Taking a sightseeing trip of four islands

Famous for four islands that are the namesakes of the Vietnamese mascots (Dragon, Unicorn, Turtle, and Phoenix) with interesting things to experience, the Mekong Delta is utterly the ideal travel destination. My Tho City of Tien Giang Province, known as the first stop for the journey to this Delta region is exactly where you can take a sightseeing trip of those islands. Just get onto a boat and cruise on the Mekong River to contemplate the tranquility and charm of the islands. Then, set off for each of the areas to experience fascinating activities, such as visiting honey-bee farms, discovering how the locals make coconut fudge at a family business, going for a stroll in the lush fruit plantations, cycling through the country lanes, and especially relishing the cool breeze while moving past the shade of coconut palms by the local small wooden sampans.

3. Going to Dinh Tuong Cinema

Although it is not so hard to find out a movie theater in the Ho Chi Minh central city to enjoy your favorite films, for your journey to explore My Tho, the Mekong Delta, going to Dinh Tuong Cinema will bring you a new experience since it dates back a long time. Many decades ago, there were three movie theaters serving the recreation demand of the locals: Vinh Loi specializing in Indian movies, Dinh Tuong Cinema specializing in Western movies, and Vien Truong. While Dinh Tuong was not spacious, it always appealed to the audience the most thanks to its convenience and helpful subtitles for each film. Nowadays, there is a diversity of movies available in the theater to choose, so it is well worth trying to watch one here.

4. Savoring luscious “Hu Tieu My Tho” (My Tho rice noodle soup)

Cuisine is always one of the reasons for your trip to explore a country or a region. Thus, when coming to My Tho City, Tien Giang Province, Vietnam, you will be recommended to hu tieu My Tho, which seemingly epitomizes the typical image about the finicky cuisine of the river people. On arrival at any food stall or restaurant specializing in rice noodle soups, you will spot lots of bottles of unique spices on the dining table, used to enhance the flavor of the My Tho rice noodle soup. There are slices of chilli, fish sauce, soya sauce, lime juice, garlic, bean sprouts, herbs, etc. The rice noodles are thin and chewy while the broth is indeed tangy, and pork is tender; all make up a perfect dish for a trip to explore My Tho City.

5. Discovering My Tho night market

My Tho Night Market is divided into two zones: drinks & food services and products. For those who wish to enjoy delicacies of My Tho City, Tien Giang Province, the drinks and food zone will satisfy, and the products zone is for shopping. Often, the night market opens from 6:00PM to 9:00PM, and it seems to hum during this time. Despite the fact that the market is pretty bustling, lanes to move past are very spacious because booths are arranged logically and neatly, so roaming to explore it is quite easy and convenient. Furthermore, the items’ prices are always fixed; thus, there is no perspective in which you must spend much time on bargaining. If you do not feel like shopping for anything, you can still come to perceive the ambience here since it is considered as a special characteristic in culture of the My Tho people.

6. Draining ditches for fish

Draining ditches for fish is exactly a typical example of the rustic life in the Mekong Delta. When making a trip to uncover the idyllic charm of this river region, you will find nothing luxurious and splendid, but what you are convinced is surely experiences associated with the farm work of the locals. It is possible to assert that it is so exciting that you just want to put yourself in harmony with the rural life as long as possible. Just put on a traditional costumer of the Mekong Delta, and you can start the game “draining ditches for fish. In fact, by that time, there is nothing more wonderful than admiring your own “booty” which is big fish struggling in your hands. Building a fire, grilling the fish, and then enjoying it could not be better.
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