5 hostels in Hanoi with the best backpacker spirit

Hostels, more than one might imagine, plays a compelling role in shapping much of our travels. From thoughtful designed communal spaces that stimulate interaction among travelers, to meticulously designed budget tours nad activities that help us explore a city, hostels lay down the tracks that enables the endless train of travelers to pass through a city in a memorable way.
For some of us, choosing a good hostel with more than just a bed can prove to be more work than is necessary, expecially if we're short on recommendations in a new city. And it doesn't help if there are nummerous hostels with equally good locations, similar price points and the same mix of online reviews to choose from. So we've taken it upon ourselves to list five hostels in Hanoi with the best backpacker spirit - a list that can hopefully serve to guide travelers to their ideal hostels. In no particular order, here is the list.

1. Hanoi Backpackers' Hostels - Downtown

One look at this establishment and you could say with a certian degree of certainty that all of Hanoi's backpackers have gathered here for a night of fun and revelry. The hostel does a pretty good job drawing in theirsty crowds every evening at tist spacious bar and communal area, but that's not the only thing it's good at. Located on Ma May street and central to pretty much everything, this extablishment is a default option for most. All of its dorm rooms are clean, the beds are spacious and inviting, and all rooms feature lockers, air-con, fans and window. The seven-storey building also has a private guiset-only lounge on the fifth flor which makes for a pretty chill place to kick back and relax. The staff here are particularly well trained and customer-centric (which is rare and always a plus for a hostel). All of this for US$7 a night makes for a pretty good deal. 
This hostel however is not for everyone. If you're looking for something a bit more quieter, homely or traditional, then this hostel won't suit you. 

2. Hanoi Youth Hostel

If the crowd isn't making a hostel special, it's the peaple that manage them that do. Hanoi Youth Hostel has a friendy family crew running the sho and tha make all the difference. They're lovely to talk to and will make sure you're always sorted, be it for tours, getting around the city, a recommendation for anything really - they'll jump at the first opportunit to lend a helping hand. Hanoi Youth Hostel doesn't go overboard with the partying. Although certian nights can hve more people than can fit into it's tiny bar, most nights the atmospere is relaxed and enjoyalbe and just the right distance from the noisy and crowded street of Ma May without being too far from the heart of the action.
The rooms are basic and clean with shared bathrooms, but at US$5 a night which includes fre breakfast, its a steal! They also provide tours around Hanoi and you'll never be made to feel pressured to purchase any of them.

3. The drift Backpackers' Hostel

The Drift Backpackers' Hostel gives you the ultimate bang for your buck! With US$2.5 a night fro a room, the price is a hug differentiating factor from most options in town. But that's not the only thing this establishment has up its sleeve. US$2.5 will also get you free breakfast made to order and free beers during happy hours, making it a popular destiantion for poeple tight on budget.
The communal area is narrow but spacious and always filled up. The staff are friendly and will go out of their way to help you. This place also has much of the vibe that exudes from a family run hostal and you'll easily  find yourself befriending the locals that rung the place. The location however is a bit off central, but close enough to Hoan Kiem Lake and the rest of the Old Quarter.

4. Hanoi Backpakers' Hostel - The Original

The Hanoi Backpackers' Hostel, a sister establishment of Hanoi Backpackers' Hostel - Downtown has a sightly more toned down vibe. its not as loud as the Downtown hostel, mostly due to its smaller size but still manages to maintain a lively atmospere during the evenings. The communal areas feel more open and intimate when no a venue for a bar and they even host BBQ nights on their rooftop, which gives one plenty of options to meet and mingle.
The hostel offers clean dorms with comdortalbe beds including lockers and although their private rooms are more on the pricier end, their dorm beds start US$7 a night makeing it quite affordable. 
Their signature tours, namely The Buffalo Run from Hanoi to Hoi An and the famous Halong Bay is among the most sought after tours for backpackers.

5. Hanoi Rocks Hostel

This is another hostel where the crowd swarms as darkness fals but its got a unique vibe of its own. There's always a hubbub of travelers around the lobby and communal area on the first floor where you'll fell like there's always someone around to meet and talk to. Its a modern looking establishment with a spacious communal area that also hosts a bar offering a good range of beers and alcohol. Food is served too but most might find it expensive. The five-storey building is big in comparison to most accommodation options in town where they mostly occupy norrow shop houses. The hostel also features a rooftop bar with pretty good views of the city. 
They also boast quite a wide range of facilities and events that are more than lusurious for the backpacker crowd. Along with a pool table, table tennis and a cinema, a brand new gym and spa are also in the works. And as if that was not enough, they also host live muisc three nights a week and frequently organize party games and offer free beers for two hours every night.
All these lusuris might i say for a small price of US$7 makes this a great additons to Hanoi's hostel scene. The rooms itself are modern, clean and comfortable. They offer both mixed and single sex dorms in spacious rooms throughtout all of its five floors.
So there you go, the best hostels in Hanoi with be best backpacker spirit.

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