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Today Con Dao island has become popular for both domestic and western tourists. Con Dao is not only a historic destination but also is famous for leisure travel, beach breaks with sandy white beach, an untouched national park and friendly local people which all make Con Dao island a must-see place in the south of Vietnam

1. The best time to visit Con Dao

From the after New Year to the summer ( from March to the end of September ) is the best time to explore in Con Dao Island. However, from October to February, although the Con Dao sea area is often large waves but because it is a dry season during this period so sunshine always appears and it is a wonderful time to go to Con Dao Island.
From March to end of September is the quiet time, although it is a rainy season, but the rain in Con Dao lasts no longer than one hour, other times in the day is still sunny. This time is suitable for sea tours, snorkeling and coral reef exploration. This is also the season that turtles from everywhere come to Con Dao to lay eggs.
From October to the end of February, due to the North East wind, the sea of ​​Con Son Bay usually has large waves, but in the West and Southwest of the sea surface is still soft and less affected by the wind waves. Guests can go to Dam Trau Beach, Suoi Nong beach and enjoy swimming in the sea. If conditions of weather is fine, tourists can rent a boat to explore Tre Lon Islet , Tre Nho Islet . These are two islets that keeps wild beauty and are home to concentrate many coral reefs and colorful reef fish.
In general, Con Dao is a destination suitable for all time of the year, this beautiful island has been associated with the type of spiritual tourism and also the destination for experiencing wonderful nature.

2. How to get to Con Dao Island 

There are two options to get to Con Dao and it depends on wallets of travellers

2.1 By plane

Vietnam Airlines has 2 direct flights to Con Dao Island as below:
- From Ho Chi Minh City to Con Dao Island, it takes about 50 minutes.
- From Can Tho City to Con Dao Island, it takes about 35 minutes.
To book air tickets, please contact VIETNAM CHARM TRAVEL direclty and we will help you to keep cheapest tickets.

2.2. By ship

There are 2 ships to Con Dao Island: Con Dao 9 and Con Dao 10.
Con Dao 9 and Con Dao 10 can accommodate 200 passengers / ship. They arrive Con Dao from the port of Cat Lo (Vung Tau) at 17:00 and arrive at Con Dao at 5: 00 in next morning. Due to offshore conditions and weather conditions, the schedule is often unstable. Con Dao 9 and Con Dao 10 only operate in good weather. Con Dao 9 the fare is 150,000 VND / time, Con Dao 10: 200,000 VND / time.

3. Hotels and resort in Con Dao Island

Pearl Island - Con Dao Island with many beautiful beaches and majestic mountains is a perfect place to build luxury resorts anfd hotels. VIETNAM CHARM TRAVEL would like to introduce to you some luxury resorts and hotels in Con Dao.
Six Senses Con Dao Resort Dat Doc Beach, Con Dao 064 3831 222
ATC Con Dao Resort Ton Duc Thang, Con Dao 064 3830 456
Sai Gon Con Dao Resprt Ton Duc Thang, Con Dao 064 3908 688
Con Dao Seatravel Resort No 6 Nguyen Duc Thuan, Con Dao 0643 630 768
Con Dao Camping No 2 Nguyen Duc Thuan, Con Dao 0643 831 555
Quynh Anh Hotel Le Duan, Con Dao 064 3908 585

4. Some suggestions for tours in Con Dao Island

Day 1: Enjoy Con Dao Island 
Fresh air and wind blowing in from the ocean, it is time for us to enjoy sightseeing the sunrise from horizon. Following is nice breakfast. Then we are going to visit Con Dao museum, Phu Hai prison, tiger cage, Hang Duong Cemetery, would empathies partly how resistance war of Vietnamese revolutionaries. We also visit the madam Phi Yen Temple before return resort. Free at the leisure afternoon to go for swimming at Dat Doc Beach or Lo Voi Cape, these are beautiful and isolated beach.
Day 2: Enjoy Con Dao Island 
Today we have free day at our leisure
Day 3: Enjoy Con Dao Island 
Today we have free day at our leisure
Optional programs for free days in Con Dao Island
– Option 1: Hon Tai and Hon Bay Canh
Breakfast at the resort, we will spend morning time take the boat trip to visit Hon Tai island and snorkeling, having outdoor lunch at Hon Bay Canh, then we will visit salt-marsh forest, enjoy last swimming and snorkeling before come back the our resort.
– Option 2: Con Dao National forest
After breakfast, 8: 30 AM we leaving hotel for trekking across the forest to Ong Dung bay (about 5km). As follow having outdoor lunch, enjoy snorkeling, swimming and relaxing in the beach until sunset.
– Option 3: Con Dao National forest
Today, the full day outdoor activities, such as visiting Co Ong, trekking through the forest to Dam Tre bay (about 6 km), have lunch in open air. Spend couple hours. In the afternoon, we can swim on the bay before return our resort.
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