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Dak Lak is a province in the center of the Central Highlands with the largest city in the province of Buon Me Thuot. Dak Lak is regarded as one of the cradles cultivating the Highlands Gong Culture - the intangible cultural heritage recognized by UNESCO. So it is possible to say Dak Lak - Buon Me Thuot tourism associated with the culture of ethnic minorities here.
This is also the province with the coffee area and the largest coffee export output in the country, so when you come to this area you can not ignore the specialty of coffee at the place of planting and production them. The article below shares some information and experience when traveling to Buon Ma Thuot and Dak Lak, hope to help you more options for your trip.

1. When should you go to Buon Ma Thuot and Dak Lak?

Dak Lak is a province in the Central Highlands, upstream of the Serepok and Ba River systems, with an average elevation of 400-800m above sea level, so it is possible to call this area a climate of plateau. However, the Dak Lak terrain is gradually lowering from Southeast to Northwest so whole province is divided into two sub-zones:
- The Northwest has a hot, dry climate in the dry season.
- The east and south are cool, moderate.
But generally Dak Lak weather is divided into two distinct seasons: rainy season and dry season:
- The rainy season usually starts from May to October.
- Dry season from November to April next year.
In the rainy season, rainfall in this area is very large, with rain from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM everyday, making roads difficult to travel. In addition, some sightseeing area are still land lines, so the rain will affect much of your travel. In the dry season, about 3-4 months are too dry and hot so the best time to travel to Daklak is from December to February every year. December in the Central Highlands has many festivals and also the season of yellow flowers bloom blazing all the way.
At the end of February, beginning of March, depending on the year, the coffee is blossoming in the sky of the Central Highlands. And it is the best time for you to travel to Central Highlands of the year.

2. How to get to Buon Ma Thuot - Daklak

2.1. By plane

Vietnamairlines/ Vietjetair/ Jestar are operating direct flights from Buon Ma Thuot to Hanoi, Vinh, Da Nang, Ho Chi Minh City on all days of the week. To reserve flight tickets, please contact us directly VIETNAM CHARM TRAVEL to get best air fares.

2.2. By bus

From Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City, many buses run directly to Buon Ma Thuot or districts of Dak Lak. It takes about 24 hours to 27 hours.
Minh Vuong Hanoi- Daklak  6:00 9:00  0500 3866025 - 0905866025 - 0905 545122
Hoang Quy Hanoi - Daklak 8:00 8:00 0914 041006 - 0979 951951
Anh Khoi Hanoi - Daklak 8:00 8:00 919 472539 - 0913 433989
Duc Minh Ho Chi Minh -Buon Ma Thuot 19:00 3:00 0973.44.88.99
Mai Linh Ho Chi Minh - Buon Ma Thuot 21:00 4:40 (08) 3592 6228

3. Hotels and motels in Buon Ma Thuot - Daklak

Come to Buon Ma Thuot, our first impression was that this is a large city. All the buildings, streets and squares in the central area are beautiful, new and magnificent. This is like a young city in a very rapid development. So that the price here is more expensive than other surrounding provinces such as Kon Tum or Pleiku.
There are quite many hotels and motels in Buon Ma Thuot, however, we would love to introduce to you some good hotel with good price and convenient for walking around city. To book rooms, please contact directly us VIETNAM CHARM TRAVEL to get best room rates.
Coffee Tour Resort 149 - 153 Ly Thai To, Tan Loi, Daklak 0500 3575 575
Sai Gon - Ban Me Hotel 3 Phan Chu Trinh, Thong Nhat, Buon Ma Thuot City, Daklak 0500 3685 666
Dakruco Hotel 30 Nguyen Chi Thanh, Tu An, Buon Ma Thuot City, Daklak 0500 3970 888
Muong Thanh Luxury Buon Ma Thuot Hotel 81 Nguyen Tat Thanh, Tan An, Buon Ma Thuot, Daklak 0500 3961 555
Hoang Loc Hotel 7-9 Ybil Alêô, Thang Loi, Buon Ma Thuot City, Daklak 0500 3956 704
Dam San Hotel 212 Nguyen Cong Tru, Tu An, Buon Ma Thuot City, Daklak 0500 3851 234

4. Some suggestion for tours in Buon Ma Thuot Daklak

The above are some useful information about Buon Ma Thuot Daklak that we would love to share with you all. The last one is schedule for Buon Ma Thuot tour. We do hope that you all will have a good trip and memorable time in Buon Ma Thuot Daklak.

Day 1: Buon Ma Thuot City
- Have breakfast
- Drink coffee in Trung Nguyen Coffee Village
- Walking in Ako D'hong village and having lunch here.
- Afternoon visit Dak Lak Ethnic Museum and walk around Ea Kao
- Evening explore night market, try street food and drink soy milk.
Day 2: Buon Ma Thuot - Buon Don.
Day 3: Buon Ma Thuot - Lak Lake.
Day 4: Buon Ma Thuot - Dreamy Waterfall - Dre Nur.
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