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Pleiku City is located in Gia Lai province. It takes about 10 hours by bus from Ho Chi Minh city with fascinating pathways to discover Gong culture in the Central Highlands.

1. The best time to visit Pleiku - Gia Lai

Climate layers in the tropical monsoon climate should have high humidity, heavy rainfall, freezing weather and freezing. The climate is divided into two distinct seasons: rainy season and dry season. The rainy season usually starts from May to October every year and the dry season is from November to April next year. The rainy season usually has heavy rains in the morning or all day so it will make roads difficult to travel. In addition, when traveling to Pleiku - Gia Lai you will have to go into the forest, waterfalls, villages,...Moving in heavy rain, wet and muddy roads will not be favourable. From July to September, in Gia Lai sometimes rain lasts whole day or 2 - 3 days, therefore, it will be suitable for tourist to relax. Other months, the weather is so nice with sunny and fresh air and it is time for you to visit and explore the beauty of Gia Lai.
Therefore, you should travel to Gia Lai in the dry season, especially in the last months of the year as November, December because at this time the rice is ripen on the upland fields, the " dã quỳ "  flowers are blooming yellow all the way. It also makes the Central Highlands area more brilliant. This is also the time to take place festivals of ethnic minorities such as:
- New rice festival: After Gia Lai people harvested the crop, this festival to thank the god of rice, agricultural god.
- The new feast festival
- Gong Chieng festival
- Buffalo fighting festival ( the bahna called x'trang, the Cor called xa-pieu, the matriarch called mnam thu ) is a sacred festival for the gods or those who have been in charge of the city. Set up the village, celebrate the victory, celebrate the golden bumper season or celebrate other important events. This is a traditional festival of ethnic people in the Central Highlands of Vietnam
- Leaving ceremony is a special occasion of traditional cultural activities of Tay Nguyen ethnic people, including many activities such as animal sacrifice, worshiping and sharing of wealth for the deceased, performing Music, dance, puppetry and strangeness, community cuisine.
These festivals usually last from the end of the previous year to the March of next year depending on each village, each region in the province. In addition, there are many other festivals such as the " dúi " festival, the buffalo fighting festival, the elephant racing festival ... However, these festivals are now gradually lost and it has not been organised by every village in every year. Nowadays, it is often replayed in cultural events organized by Department of culture or Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism.
March is also another time that you can enjoy the beauty of the Gia Lai, this is the season of blooming coffee and butterfies, these yellow butterfies fly on full of sky.

2. How to get to Pleiku - Gia Lai

2.1. By bus

From Ho Chi Minh City you can reach Pleiku city by airplane or by bus. Airfare from Ho Chi Minh City to Pleiku takes less than an hour and fares range from US$50 to US$100. If you go by bus you should buy tickets with 300,000 VND/ ticket at the east bus station, ride back to Pleiku usually depart in the evening, takes about 12 hours to travel. You can take a sleeping bus or seat bus.
Hung Thanh Ho Chi Minh - Gia Lai 19:00 6:00  (04)36337575 - 36337614
Gia Phuc Ho Chi Minh - Gia Lai 18:30 5:30 (059)3888833 - 0989974311
Quan Trung Hanoi - Gia Lai 8:30   (04) 38616605 - (059) 2240818
Hong Hai Hanoi - Gia Lai 14:00   (059)3888555 - 0977888555
Co Hai Ho Chi Minh - Ayunpa - Krongpa 18:30    059) 3852781

2.2. By plane

Pleiku airport also has direct flights to Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh, Da Nang, Vietnam, but the prices of these flights are often higher than in other destinations in the region.
Pleiku airport is only 4 km away from the city center, so after getting to the airport, you can easily catch a taxi to the city center, you pay for taxi fare by running km.

2.3. By train

The Central Highlands is remote area, therefore, there is no train to this land. In the future, the government will invest to develop transport infrastructure in the Central Highlands and we can go here easilier.

3. Hotels and motels in Pleiku Gia Lai

Tourism is not really developed in Gia Lai and there are not many foreigner know about charm nature of Gia Lai. Therefore, there are not many options for tourist to choose when travilling to this land. The below is some good hotel we would love to introduce to you all. 

If you need a room to stay overnight, please drop us an email or message anytime, we are willing to work it out for you smoothly.

Hoang Anh Gia Lai Hotel  1 Phu Dong, Hoi Phu, Pleiku City, Gia Lai 059 3718 459
Khanh Linh Hotel 232 Nguyen Tat Thanh, Pleiku City, Gia Lai 059 3735 555
Queen Hotel 63 Nguyen Tat Thanh, Pleiku City, Gia Lai 059 3829 411
Duc Long Hotel 1 Cu Chinh Lan, Ia Kring, Pleiku City, Gia Lai 059 3748 777
Hoang Vu Bien Ho Hotel
1035 Pham Van Dong, Yen The, Pleiku City, Gia Lai

4. Some suggestion for tours in Pleiku Gia Lai

Here is a suggestion for itinerary in Pleiku - Gia Lai
Day 1: City center
– Visit sunrise on Ham Rong mountain
– Visit Buu Nghiem pagoda, Minh Thanh pagoda and Duc An Church
– Have a lunch at Dry noodle Tau Ly 
– In the evening walk around Ha Tam and take photograph on grass at Gao village
– At night explore night life and enjoy street food
Day 2: Pleiku – Thác Phú Cường – Hồ Ayun Hạ – Pleiku
– Have a lunch at Ayun, enjoy grilled fishes
– Shopping some special food for gift 
Day 3: Pleiku – Biển Hồ – Thủy điện Yaly – Pleiku
If you still have free time here, you can add more places in your itinerary such as Ho Troi, Dong Xanh Resort, explore wild beauty of Gia Lai
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