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Hoa Binh is not listed among the top 10 Vietnam travel destinations, but this northwest province of Vietnam has long been destination for both domestic and foreign tourists to visit. Just around 70km from Hanoi, Hoa Binh is home to 5 different ethnic groups like The Muong, Thai, Tay, H'Mong, and Dao who live in picturesque villages such as Giang Mo, Ban Lac, Pom Coong village, Mai Hich, Hang Kia of Mai Chau district. The unique culture of the local people and beautiful valley of rice paddies, green mountains are attractions of Hoa Binh and should be included to experience in any tour package in Vietnam.

1. Best time to visit Hoa Binh

Similar to other mountainous provinces in the North of Vietnam, the best time to travel to Hoa Binh should be the winter time, lasting from October to February. As the weather is very cold, this period of time is suitable for exploring hot springs and relaxing yourself with the warmly mineral water here. Also, the winter coincides with the dry season in Hoa Binh, so that travelers have more chances to go around and contemplate natural beauty of Hoa Tien cave, Thac Bo Waterfall or Pu Nooc Primary Tropical Forest. In addition, roads to Hoa Binh tourism destinations are often narrow and along the side of deep valleys and mounts, so traveling in dry season will definitely guarantee the safety of your trips.    

2. How to get to Hoa Binh

There are not a lot of options when it comes to transportation between Hanoi and Hoa Binh. Due to its geographic condition and underdeveloped infrastructure, Hoa Binh can only be accessed by land, so your possible vehicles are coach, taxi, motorbike or bicycle.

2.1. Bus

There are regular departures throughout the day to Hoa Binh from Hanoi's My Dinh bus station. It costs upward of 33,000 dong (depending on quality of bus) and takes about two hours. The bus will drop you in town or near to the bus station (if you are heading on to Mai Chau). 
If you are heading on to Mai Chau, buses leave reasonably regularly from the bus station and cost around 40,000 VND.
Heading back to Hanoi, buses depart regularly from the bus station or from across the road by the post office. Prices range from 30,000 upwards — be prepared to negotiate if the price isn't printed on the bus.

2.2. Car/Taxi

Although this is the most expensive method, it might save you much time and afford to find a way to Hoa Binh. With taxi, a two-way trip may cost you around US$50. Since the taxi will only wait you for a total of 5 hours, you might not enjoy everything in Hoa Binh unless you catch another taxi when you come back several days later. Another option for you is to rent a car with private driver so you may stay for a longer time and can travel between destinations at ease; however, this it may cost you 3-5 times higher than going by taxi.

2.3. Motorbike

Choosing this option means you are real adventurers who are not afraid of any trekking tour. Also, you may have chances to witness the beauty of grandiose mountains and lush green forests of Northwestern Vietnam. Not only that, you can stop to enjoy the scenery or relax and take photos anytime you like would be another advantages of traveling by motorbike. Basically, you have to travel along National Highway No.6 from Ha Noi to the central of Hoa Binh Town, however you must equip a latest version Vietnam’s map for the best direction and for the purpose of getting from one destination to another one.
At some travel agencies inside Hanoi Old Quarter you may rent a good motorbike with a price around US$10 per day plus a deposit up to $500 and your identification papers. If you cannot find those shops yourselves, just ask your hotel’s receptionists for guidance.

2.4. Bicycle

Following exactly the same routine with motobikers; however, this method challenge tourists even more severe since the distance of 82km on mountainous road is certainly not a joke. On the other hand, cycling is a perfect way for you to lose some weights but still enjoy stunning view of Northwestern beauty of Vietnam. Bicycles are for rent in several travel agency or stores inside Hanoi Old Quarter, also. The price for one bike per day is around US$5, and of course, you have to deposit an amount of money up to $200 depending on the type of your bike.

3. Acommodations in Hoa Binh

Since the distance is quite close to Hanoi, except for Lung Van, Mai Chau and Thung Nai, most of the places to visit in Hoa Binh, you can go and return the day. However, if you want to spend the night in Hoa Binh City, there are also many accommodation options for your choice.
If the purpose of your trip is to discover Mai Chau, you can easily find acommodation at homestays in Lac, Pom Coong villages ... The stilt houses here are very clean and full equipment of blankets and mattress. They also sells many brocade products at resonable prices at the frontside of homestays. Here are some hotel suggestions for you choose: 


1 Hostel No. 1

0915 833572 – 0166 3245556

2 Hostel No. 2

0974 604719

3 Hostel No. 3

0218 3868866 – 01234 743239

4 Hostel No. 4 - Mầng Huệ

0218 867026 – 0915 637228

5 Hostel No. 5 - Khuynh Hằng

0218 3867075 – 0915 560161

6 Hostel No. 7

0945 963408

7 Hostel No. 8 - Hồng Hà Nga

0915 686611 – 0129 2555288

8 Hostel No. 10

0218 3867279 – 0915 661398

9 Hostel No. 11 - Long Vân

0163 8245303

10 Hostel No. 14 - Phanh Khoằn

0973 826355

11 Hostel No. 15 - Hà Thị Trang

0218 3867137 – 0166 8876424

12 Hostel No. 17 - Mạnh Bích

01234 384300 – 01236 837645

13  Hostel No. 19

0966 072571

14 Hostel No. 20 - Linh Sôi

0218 3867625 – 0914 837994

15 Hostel No. 26 - Trung Thu

0906 063457

16 Hostel No. 27 - Khuần Hợp

0912 081550 – 0167 3033268

17  Hostel No. 28

0914 838450

18 Hostel No. 29 - Long Di

0168 2646479

19 Hostel No. 39 - Hà Công Khui

0164 8974350

20 Hostel No. 50

0166 3923386

21 Hostel No. 59 - Giáp Hiên

0166 3617279 – 0164 4255247

22 Hostel No. 66

0943 157000 – 0972 811364

23 Hostel No. 68 - Duẩn Như

0169 7409927 – 0962 993863

24 Hostel No. 69 - Thiết Giang

0165 2547975 – 0962 202473

25 Hostel No. 72 - Ngân Khuần

0986 812964 – 0164 9016059

26 Hostel No. 76 - Thân Mơ

0167 4079121

27 Hostel No. 89 - Hùng Ngọc

0129 8295290

28 Hostel No. 96 - Hoàng Chiến

0943 546458

29 Hostel No. 99 - Giang Vĩ

01648961191 – 0165 2547896

30 Hostel No. 100 - Tuấn Phương

0947 671580 – 0127 3695993

31 Hostel No. 121 - Trúc Anh

01639 007790

32 Anh Dao Hostel - Tieu khu 4, Mai Chau town, Hoa Binh

0218 3867231

33 Hoa Mi Hostel - 70, tieu khu 2, Mai Chau town, Hoa Binh

0944 838454

In the Thung Nai, you can stay at two lodges are Coconut Island hostel and Windmill hostel at affordable prices. 


1 Windmill Hostel

0218 3891537 – 0913 591943

2 Homestay of uncle Tuy (Coconut Island)

0218 6273189 – 0166 8862663

3 Đảo Xanh Hostel

0917 914 378

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