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Kon Tum is the furthest province in the north of the Central Highlands. The majority of Kon Tum's natural area lies in the west of the Truong Son Range, so the terrain tends to tilt from east to west and lower from north to south. This region is also home to many large rivers such as the Cai River (flowing to Quang Nam), Se San River (flowing to Cambodia), Ba River (flowing to Phu Yen). Thus, it can be said that Kon Tum tourism is associated with the wild nature due to the nature and bearing the culture of Tay Nguyen gongs of the indigenous people.

1. The best time to visit Kon Tum

The climate is similar to other Central Highlands provinces so December is also a nice time for you to come to Kon Tum. This is just dry season but not hot as March. In addition, this is time to " da quy" flowers bloom brilliant, golden ripe rice throughout the roads and festivals of many ethnic groups in this area.

2. How to get to Kon Tum

2.1. By plane

In Kon Tum there is no airport so if you want to go to Kon Tum by plane, you will have to fly to Pleiku airport ( it is about 50km from Kon Tum ). From Pleiku Airport there are flights to Hanoi, Da Nang, Ho Chi Minh City of Vietnamairlines, but the prices are higher than flights to Buon Ma Thuot or Da Lat. Price one way Hanoi - Pleiku average about US$90 - US$120. Flights from Ho Chi Minh City and Da Nang are now a bit cheaper. Flights from Hanoi / Ho Chi Minh City to Pleiku has one trip per day, but there is no flight from Da Nang - Pleiku on Monday and Wednesday.
From Pleiku airport you can catch the bus cost  US$3 / way to Kon Tum. Otherwise, you can take a taxi, it is not expensive too

2.2. By buses

From Hanoi and Northern provinces
Dang Khoa Hanoi - Kon Tum 060 3864606 - 0905 010269
Dang Khoa Hai Duong - Kon Tum 060 3864606 - 0905 010269
Viet Tan Hanoi - Kon Tum 060 3913999 - 0169 6823334
From Ho Chi Minh City and the southern provinces
Dang Khoa Ngoc Hoi - Kon Tum - Ho Chi Minh city 060 3864606 - 08 22478379 - 0985222679
Viet Tan Ho Chi Minh - Kon Tum 060 3913999 - 0986 823355 (66)
Central Highlands Ho Chi Minh - Kon Tum 060 3918888 - 0913 468502 - 0982878889
Tu Phau Ho Chi Minh - Kon Tum 060 3863999 - 0903 531458.
Viet Tan Tan Phat Ho Chi Minh - Kon Tum 08 35118888 - 060 3918555.
Dong Tien Ho Chi Minh - Kon Tum 060 3862108 - 0982 512323.
Long Van Ho Chi Minh City - Kon Tum - Ngoc Hoi 60 2211823 - 0905 514289
Tan Viet Pho Ho Chi Minh City - Ngoc Hoi 08 35118888 - 060 3540888
From Danang and the central provinces
Mai Linh Danang - Kon Tum 0511 3792929
Minh Quoc Danang / Hue - Kon Tum 0603 855 855 - 0603 855 955

2.3.Travel in Kon Tum city

To travel in Kon Tum or go out to the surrounding area you can rent a motorbike, car or taxi. In Kon Tum there is Mai Linh taxi and Vinh Son taxi. If you are a large group of people, you can rent a car for 1-2 days according to your schedule to other districts of Kon Tum province. Please contact VIETNAM CHARM TRAVEL to ask for the most affordable car rental.
In Kon Tum there is not a lot of motorbike rental services so if you want to rent a motorbike, you should ask at reception or hotel security. Some hotels do not have this service but the guard will help you toncontact the nearby motorbike rental. Prices fall on 120-150k / day, you must fill in petro.

3. Motels and hotels in Kon Tum

Kon klor Hotel 155 Bac Can, Kon Tum City, Kon Tum 060 3861 555
Thinh Vuong Hotel 16 Nguyen Trai, Thong Nhat, Kon Tum city, Kon Tum 060 3914 729
Indochine Hotel 30 Bach Dang, Quyet Thang, Kon Tum city, Kon Tum 060 3863 334
Family Garden Hotel Tran Hung Dao, Thang Loi, Kon Tum  
Hong My Hotel 48 Hoang Van Thu, Quyet Thang, Kon Tum 060 3862 779
Hoang Thinh Hotel 609 Nguyen Hue, Kon Tum (060) 3958 958

4. Some suggestion for tours in Kon Tum

The below is a short programme for you all who do not have much time in Central Highland
Day 1: Kon Tum City
Day 2: Kon Tum – Bờ Y – Đak Tô – Kon Tum
Day 3: Kon Tum – Măng Đen
Day 4: Măng Đen – Kon Tum
If you have more time in Kon Tum, you can add more other destination in your itinerary and experience attractive landscapes here.
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