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Quang Binh has diverse terrain with everything from mountains to lowlands, forests and islands, as well as seas and rivers, making it a great place to visit, as there are many things to see and explore here.

1. Best time to visit Quang Binh

The climate in Quang Binh is quite similar to other provinces in the Middle of Vietnam with one rainy season and one dry season, but the dry season in this place is from April to August with the average temperature of 24 - 25 0 C. This is also the perfect time to visit Quang Binh. As the most attractive aspects of the province of tourism are natural destinations such as caves and beaches, the weather in these months could facilitate tourists to enjoy sunlight and water in Nhat Le beach or explore the diversity of Phong Nha National Park. You do not have to carry raincoats or umbrellas to avoid getting wet from the rain.  

2. How to get to Quang Binh from Hanoi

2.1. By trains

The major Railway Station in Quang Binh province is Dong Hoi Railway Station, located in Sub-area 4, Nam Ly Ward, Dong Hoi City, Tel: +8452 3836 789 or Call Vietnam Charm Travel 0978730882
Dong Hoi Railway Station is a stop for the Vietnam Reunification Express train. Route: Hanoi City– Dong Hoi City– Hochiminh City. If travellers want to go to Quang Binh from Hanoi City, just buy tickets for Hanoi – Dong Hoi route. It’s suggested to buy tickets of Reunification Express trains for better quality services. Tickets can be bought at Vietnam Charm Travel.
Reunification Express trains from Hanoi city to Dong Hoi city often starts at night and arrives in Dong Hoi City in the next morning after 10 to 11 hours running. This kind of train stops at major railway stations in each province on it’s route.
Train table from Hanoi to Dong Hoi City
19:30 05:35 SE1 contact
20:10 06:24 SE19 contact
22:00 07:25 SE3 contact
9:00 19:22 SE5 contact
06:00 16:21 SE7 contact
Train table from Dong Hoi city to Hanoi
18:45 04:50 SE2 contact
00:49 12:33 SE20 contact
19:52 05:30 SE4 contact
09:16 19:58 SE6 contact

2.2. By long distance bus

Buses transfer to/from Hanoi – Quang Binh – Ho Chi Minh City through the National Highway No.1.
There are many long distance Bus Company but some of them are National Brands which travellers should select to buy bed tickets such as Hoang Long Bus, Mai Linh Bus. Please contact Vietnam Charm Travel support buy ticket from Ha Noi to Quang Binh 043.923.1508
The long distance bus from Hanoi city to Dong Hoi city often starts in the late of afternoon and arrives in Dong Hoi City in the early next morning, right in the downtown of DongHoi city. If you have more time and want to enjoy the beauty of the localities, you could use a high quality car service (can be hired in Hanoi) to go to Quang Binh province. On the road, they can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the province before coming to Quang Binh.
Here is some bus company you can choose for your journey to Quang Binh province
HUNG LONG HANOI - DONG HOI 18:30 or 19:30 or 20:00 7:00 or 8:00 or 8:30 042.2121.855
HOANG LINH HANOI - DONG HOI updating updating 0526 515 999
MINH HUY HANOI - LE THUY updating updating 0523 505050
HOANG LONG HANOI - DONG HOI 7:00 or 13:00 or 19:30 16:30 or 22:30 or 5:00 043.9231508
HUNG THANH HANOI - PHONG NHA 19:00 5:30 043.9231508
DUNG HONG HANOI - BO TRACH 18:30 5:00 (04) 6662.7843

2.3. By planes

If you do not have much time, you can travel by plane.  Ha Noi – Dong Hoi (Quang Binh) – Ho Chi Minh City, 3 lines per week are often on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
It will take 1 hour and 30 minutes to get to Dong Hoi from Hanoi, with the ticket price about 70 USD and start at 13:50 PM form Noi Bai airport (Hanoi). For HCMC – Dong Hoi route, it will take 1 hour and 35 minutes to get to Dong Hoi from HCMC, with the ticket price about 120 USD and start at 10:00 AM form Tan Son Nhat airport (HCMC). Please contact directly Vietnam Charm Travel to have the best promotion price.
Dong Hoi Airport (Vietnamese: Cảng hàng không Đồng Hới or Sân bay Đồng Hới) is located in Loc Ninh commune, 6 km north of Dong Hoi city. From the airport, you can get to Dong Hoi downtown by taxi or bus.

2.4. Renting vehicles in Quang Binh

Self–riding motorbike tours is an ideal for the independent person who wants to enjoy a touring vacation without the hassle of planning and dealing with logistics.
The relative affordability of vehicle hire makes the latter a popular option. Having your own set of wheels gives you maximum flexibility to visit remote regions and stop when and where you please.
There is nothing better than riding in the beautiful Vienam countryside, with the wind on your face and the sun shining, free to go wherever the road takes you… It is without doubt one of the best ways to get off the beaten track and away from other tourists as fast as possible!
There is a list of some motorbike shop that you can rent one.
  • Dịch vụ du lịch Đại Bàng (Eagle Tourist)

             Add: 39 Trương Pháp – tp Đồng Hới

             Tell:  052.626.86.86 – Hotline: 0905.066.818 (Mr. Hiến)

  • Anh Nam
             Add: 15 Võ Thị Sáu – Đồng Hới
             Tell: : 0905485558, 0968.608.608
  • Anh Tâm
             Add: Nam Lý , Đồng Hới , Quảng Bình.
             Tell: 0129.457.6067
  • Anh Tùng
             Add: 44 Hoang Dieu, Dong Hoi
             Tell: 0978211325

3. Resorts and hotels in Quang Binh

Quang Binh province is the famous place with the well known destinations such as Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park and Son Doong Cave. The province is one of the important tourist points because of the value that the province owns.
If you did come to Quang Binh, please spend at least 2 days/ night to explore beautiful landscapes here and choose one of below hotels for your rest.
3.1. Sun Spa Resort
Add: Mỹ Cảnh, Bảo Ninh, Đồng Hới, Quảng Bình
Tel: 84 (52) 3842 999, Fax: 84 (52) 3842 842
3.2. Sun Spa villa and bangalow
Add: Mỹ Cảnh, Bảo Ninh, Đồng Hới, Quảng Bình
Tel: 84 (52) 3842 999, Fax: 84 (52) 3842 842
3.3 Bao Ninh Beach Resort
Add: Hà Dương, Bảo Ninh, Đồng Hới, Quảng Bình
Tel: 052.3854688/3.854866 - Fax: 052.3854689
3.4. Sai Gon Quang Binh Hotel
Add:20 Quach Xuan Ky St, Dong Hoi City, Quang Binh
Tel: (84.52) 3822 276. Fax: (84.52) 3822 404
3.5. Tan Binh Hotel
Add: 04 Lê Văn Hưu, Đồng Hới
Tel/Fax: (052) 3812999/ (052) 3812333
3.6. Sai Gon Phong Nha Hotel
Add: TTDLVH ( Phong Nha Kẻ Bàng National Park ), Sơn Trạch, Bố Trạch, Quảng Bình
Tel: (84) 52 3677016   Fax: (84) 52 3677466

4. Some suggestion for travelling around Quang Binh

This is an itinerary for Quang Binh 2 days/ 1 night
Day 1: Arrive Dong Hoi, you rent a motorbike or car to visit attractions. Morning, bath on Nhat Le beach in the city center. Afternoon, ride to Danced Stone beach, about 30km (19miles) from Dong Hoi in the direct to Hanoi. Vuc Quanh ecoregion on Ho Chi Minh highway, 7km (4miles) from Dong Hoi. Evening, stroll around streets, feel wind at bankriver or walk to Me Suot monument. 
Day 2: You buy a tour to visit Thien Duong cave (Paradise cave – a beautiful and majestic cave that you can’t skip), and Phong Nha Ke Bang national park (World Natural Heritage) including attractions: Tien Son cave, Phong Nha cave, Tam Co cave and Nuoc Mooc stream
In the morning, you will visit Thien Duong cave and visit Phong Nha Ke Bang in afternoon. Tour will end at 6pm. 
Contact Vietnam Charm Travel to have full information related tours in Quang Binh province
And here if you have 3 days
You may visit rest attractions. However, most of them are historical sites and i think they have not many special things to see with foreign tourists. However, if you want to visit then i have some places: 
Truong Son cemetery is resting place of Vietnam’s revolutionaries. 
Hien Luong bridge cross Ben Hai river where was the border dividing Vietnam into 2 countries in the war from 1954 to 1975. 
Vinh Moc tunnel is a underground military structure including kms of tunnels and many other underground structures. 
For more information, please contact directly us
Add: 15 Hang Can, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi
Tel: +84.439231508/ Hotline: +84.978730882
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