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Vinh Long is far about 140 km from Ho Chi Minh City and it is an ideal place for excursions and exploring culture of rivers. If you love to explore peaceful countryside, large fields or fruit orchards, enjoy the wild food ... the orchards of Vinh Long is your perfect choice. Here, we would love to share some experience for your reference before going to Vinh Long.

1. The best time to visit Vinh Long

Vinh Long has a cool and temperate climate, and you can travel at any time of the year. However, the best time to visit Vinh Long is in the summer as it is a season of many types of fresh fruits here. You will have a chance to enjoy a variety of fruits.

2. How to get to Vinh Long

Means to Vinh Long is very convenient and easy, you can go by buses or drive motobikes to orchards of Vinh Long. If you want to " phuot" by motobike that will help you save money and feel free to enjoy beautiful scenery along the roads.

2.1. By bus

There are some bus company go from Ho Chi Minh to Vinh Long, we want to let you know as below table
Phuong Trang Futa Bus Ho Chi Minh - Vinh Long 08 38309309/ 070 3879777
Mai Linh  Ho Chi Minh - Vinh Long 08 39393939
Trung Kien Ho Chi Minh - Vinh Long 08 39244262/ 070 3862863
Phu Vinh Long Ho Chi Minh - Vinh Long 08 38660789/ 070 3834444 
Thanh Nhan Ho Chi Minh - Vinh Long 08 38383193/ 070 3830812

2.2. By motobike

If you go by motorbike to Vinh Long, you should follow these routes: Depart from Ho Chi Minh -> National Highway 1A -> Binh Tri Dong A -> Take Tan Tao -> Cho Demm -> Ho Chi Minh Road - Trung Luong -> Vinh Long city.

3. Hotels and motels in Vinh Long

Cuu Long Hotel  No 1, 1/5 Road, Vinh Long City, Vinh Long 070 3823 656
Nam Phuong Hotel No 1, 2/9 Road, Vinh Long City, Vinh Long  
Ba Linh Homestay An Bình, Long Ho, Vinh Long City, Vinh Long 093 913 81 42
Phuong Thao Homestay An Bình, Long Ho, Vinh Long City, Vinh Long 070 3836 854
Ngoc Sang Homestay An Bình, Long Ho, Vinh Long City, Vinh Long 070 3858 694
Phuong Hoang Hotel No 2R Hung Vuong, Vinh Long City, Vinh Long 070 3822 156

4. Some suggestion for tours in Vinh Long

Cai Be Floating Market (belongs to Tien Giang Province) is one of the top tourist attraction places in Mekong Delta area, contiguous to three Southwest provinces of Tien Giang, Ben Tre and Vinh Long. The market represents all the characteristics of local life in Southwest region.
Many boats filled with different kind of fruits, vegetables, foods and other items are anchored along the river, from 3:00 AM to 6:00 AM daily. It is not really crowded if you come here after 7:00 AM.
Visitors cruise this market on the boats and can easily look for interesting things as the traders hang the merchandises from the wooden poles in front of the boat.
Besides that, one of the unique points of Cai Be Floating is to contain the big Catholic Cathedral – the memorable backdrop for visitors which they can never see in other floating markets.
Furthermore, Cai Be Floating Market is seen as the unique cultural characteristic of the countryside life. Visit and shopping at this floating market, visitors will have a great opportunity to explore and understand more about the tradition and culture in daily activities of Southwest people.
From Ho Chi Minh City to Cai Be Floating Market is about two hour by bus or Car.
You are picked up at hotel between 7:30AM to 8:00AM and start a full day to explore the Mekong Delta. For those with just a short time, this trip provides an overview of this typical Vietnam. On the way you can see the green paddy fields stretching towards the horizon (3 hours drive).
After arrival in Cai Be, we will on board for an exploration of lush vegetations of Mekong Delta and the lively floating market buyers bargaining. Next a rowing boat rides on the maze of shady canals to arrive at a local orchard to visit the daily activities the handicraft villages of local people. Break time for lunch at the fruit garden.
After lunch, take a boat along the Mekong River to Vinh Long - a center of tropical fruit; stop in for a short visit to Vinh Long market. Go across My Thuan suspension bridge and drop by Mekong Rest Stop before going back to Saigon.
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